5 Tips to quit your job and set up your own business

Quit your job

Are you tired of you job and desperate to start using your creative talent to make a living but scared to take the leap?  The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin hatching your escape route and start living the life you were meant to live!

I left my corporate job to set up my own business back in 2010 and have honestly never looked back.  (Well, I did have 2 weeks of mild panic straight after, but quickly realised it was just part of me being de-institutionalised!)  Life has never been the same for me since.  The freedom of expression and the ability to be in control of my own destiny have transformed my entire life.  And I truly believe that the same is possible for anyone who wants it.

It all starts with a single thought (and a single thought has led you to this article!)  It may feel overwhelming, confusing, even downright terrifying, but do you really have a choice?  Do you want to look back on your life in 10, 20, 30 years time at what could have been?  Now is the time to take action, however great or small!  Action creates momentum and starts the process of putting your intention out to the Universe where the magic can really start happening.

Here are 5 tips to guide you with your escape plan and start living your creative dream…

1. Listen to that inner voice

Chances are you have had a calling or a voice inside that has been slowly simmering away and possibly getting louder and louder, telling you there is something else you are meant to be doing with your life.  A talent you should be nurturing.  Please don’t ignore it!!  It’s the best guide you’ve got.  And it can lead you into doing great things with your life.  Get in touch with it, really listen to it and let it have an outlet.  Start journaling and getting your ideas down on paper or start talking to your most supportive friend about it and it will soon start to feel more real.

2. Imagine what your life will be like/feel like

Spend just five minutes picturing what your life would be like if you took this leap of faith.  What would your typical day look like?  How would you be feeling on a Sunday night or a Monday morning?  (How will that differ from what you are currently feeling?)  What positive affect would your new way of living and being be having on the people around you?  It’s important to get really excited about the life you can create as this will help fuel you forward into taking action.

3.  Do a survival budget

Financial worries are often cited as the main reason people daren’t leave their job.  Doing a simple monthly survival budget will make it feel more possible and give you confidence in your ability to still support yourself (and your loved ones).  Include all your regular bills and essentials and really question those outgoings that are perhaps a little ‘less’ essential (you know the ones I’m talking about!)

4. Consider your options

You don’t have to take the most extreme action of completely quitting your job straight away if that feels like a stretch too far and is preventing you from taking any action at all.  Many people start out by going part time in their job to create breathing space to start exploring their new venture from the safety of still having a regular income.  This gives a chance to get things established and test the waters first before taking the full leap.  (I do also recommend taking the full leap though if you are able, as you will have added energy and focus and also be motivated by the need to start earning asap!)

5. Don’t wait for the perfect time to take the leap

Waiting for the perfect time to jump can be paralysing. There might never be the ‘perfect’ time!  You might always find a reason to put it off or to wait for a better time. There will always be an element of doubt.  The trick is to do your research (to test your idea, your finances etc) and to accept an element of doubt might always be present, but to leap anyway.  As a business mentor once said to me (which I have never forgotten) ‘leap and the net will appear’.

There is a lot of support out there to help you navigate this transition. If you’re considering a leap out of a corporate job into a creative field, and would love some personalised 1-1 support, I offer a free 30 minute taster session to help you get clear on your thinking and start taking action right away. 


About the Author

Rebecca Kirk is a Life, Career & Creative Coach dedicated to enabling people to find happiness through their work and make a living doing what they love.  Find out more about Rebecca and the one-to-one coaching options available.   


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