5 Best Spiritual Books For Your Career Journey

Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth

Whether you're looking to make a career change or perhaps launch your own purpose-led business...or you're searching for new inspiration on how to find more happiness or balance in your current job, I've curated 5 of the Best Spiritual Books to support you on your career journey. These are books which have all had a profound effect on me on my career journey, which is why I'd love to share them with you now...

Best Spiritual Books﹟1: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

No book or spiritual teacher has had quite the impact on me that Eckhart Tolle has had.  Perhaps his most famous work is The Power of Now (which I also highly recommend).  A New Earth, in my view, is more accessible and broader in its reach and application.  It still works around the core concept of being present in the moment, but it also delves deeply into the topic of ego.  

I believe that ego is an essential topic to investigate if we want to alleviate emotional suffering and align with more happiness in our working lives.  A New Earth presents some simple and practical ways both to recognise and ‘transcend’ the ego, which in turn, unlocks the door to harmonising relationships and enables us to become truly effective in our work. Not to mention the ability to awaken spiritually too.

I work with many clients who are searching for more purpose in their lives. Eckhart Tolle explains how we have both an Outer Purpose and an Inner Purpose. And that our Inner Purpose (and, in a sense, the road to contentment and peace) is within much closer reach than we might ever have imagined by pursuing an Outer Purpose alone.    

Another core focus of the book (and a feature within our career) is identity.  A New Earth helps you to peel back the layers to reveal who you truly are under the surface. Again, this is incredibly helpful in the context of our working lives, as it can both enable us to connect more fully with our essential selves (which we can then bring to our work). And also realise that we are not our job, or any other number of roles we play.  We are something much bigger.  

For me, one of the most profound shifts from reading A New Earth has come from these two things. Remembering to be present when I’m working and how doing so can open the channel for Universal Intelligence to flow through. And doing things for the pure joy of doing them (rather than a means to an end) and how this can improve the quality of your work and the quality of your life.

This is a must-read for anyone on a spiritual path and ready to awaken further!


This book is best for: Anyone searching for deeper meaning in their life or career and ready to go under the surface of things (and awaken).

Best Spiritual Books﹟2: Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell

This is a book on how to connect with your soul and bring your own unique light into the world through your work. It’s a collection of short one or two page chapters followed by some sage advice from a woman who has been there – spiritually, emotionally and professionally.  Each chapter ends with a soul-searching question to really make you consider how this relates to your own journey. 

What I love about this book is how accessible it is. I usually just go to the topic I feel drawn to on a given day. And it’s always just what I need to hear. But also I love how ‘other worldly’ it is too. Rebecca Campbell is clearly connected to the Divine and this shines through in her poetic writing style.  

There are 3 particular chapter which have had a very direct benefit to me and my work:

Forge Don’t Follow – this empowered me to create my own version of my coaching business which was right for me, rather than having to follow what other coaches were doing.

You Are Not For Everyone – recognising and accepting that not everyone will like what I do has helped me to release a lot of doubt when I write content and when I decided to relaunch as a Spiritual Career Coach.

Non-Negotiable Spiritual Practice – perhaps the most life-changing for me has been committing to a regular practice which sets up my day and serves as a constant reminder about just how important my spiritual wellbeing is in feeling happy and content in my work and my life. 

Before I discovered Rebecca Campbell, I didn’t know if or how you could combine your soul’s purpose with your work. This book made it feel possible. It helps you navigate the ups and the downs of launching or running a soul-led business – whilst deepening your spiritual practices along the way.  And now, I cannot imagine my work without that connection to my soul.

Making the decision to align your work with your true self can feel a lonely journey at times. But having a book like this can make you feel like you are not alone, that there is a way through. It is empowering and inspiring at the deepest level.


This book is best for: Women who have a yearning to align their work with the callings of their soul and need someone to guide them on their journey

Best Spiritual Books﹟3: It's Not Your Money by Tosha Silver

It may seem strange or contradictory that I have included a spiritual book about money. The reason I am sharing this is because our relationship with money is such a key part of our career journey, especially when we are considering a career change or trying to make our current work or business more sustainable. A scarcity mindset and fear about money is possibly the number one reason why so many people don’t follow their calling and take a leap into a more fulfilling career.

This is a book about connecting to Divine Abundance and recognising the true source of your prosperity. It presents a new way of manifesting which involves surrendering, letting go of grasping and chasing and letting the Divine take the lead. The core of the book guides you through an 8 week process of practical and spiritual steps to get you ready to receive your prosperity.  

Some of the things I love about this book are the beautiful prayers dotted throughout which really make you feel supported and help strengthen your connection to the Divine.  I went all-in over the summer with the Energetic Clearing chapter and lightened my load in readiness for my business re-launch.  I was able to recognise the stuck energy I was holding onto around my home and office and the link that had with my own abundance and how I was blocking the flow.

For me, this approach to manifesting has been hugely calming. I no longer stress about my work or my finances and this in turn has had a positive knock-on effect with my clients. When we sort out our relationship with money, we open ourselves up to more possibilities. Whether that’s making a career change, or enjoying the work (and the flow) we already have.

Tosha Silver does make some direct references to career. Such as how to harness your spiritual connection for guidance on whether to stay or go from your current job. Recognising the ego at work in staying somewhere way beyond it being good for you. And learning to relax and let go and trust in the Divine timing of your next move. 

This book is best for: If you long to be in a more fulfilling job or enjoy a more abundant life but you're stuck in a scarcity mindset.

Best Spiritual Books﹟4: A Monk's Guide to Happiness by Gelong Thubten

I was fortunate to have been gifted this last year by one of my best friends. And the shift this has helped create for me in my life and my work this year has been profound. Essentially this is a book about how to meditate (and I’ll come onto that), but for me it was so much more. Understanding the true source of happiness (and realising you’re searching for it in the wrong places) which Gelong Thubton enables you to do with such simplicity and grace, is life-changing. 

I also found his reference to the Buddhist topic of ‘grasping’ really powerful. This is something I see so often in my coaching practice (and until this year, in my own career journey) and something which can cause a significant amount of stress.  This book really gets to to the root of our stress and unhappiness and, through meditation and mindfulness, gives practical solutions on how to manage it.

There can be an air of mystery surrounding meditation, but this book dispels any myths and makes the essence of the practice far more accessible and easy to integrate into your working life. Such as mindful eating or being fully present when doing simple chores. 

Thubten also understands and addresses the excuses which many people can present as to why they can’t meditate (such as lack of confidence or being too busy).  But he also instils a renewed feeling of motivation through the benefits he shares such as improved creativity and mental focus – all of which can have direct application within our working lives. 

Our working lives involve so many different relationships with others (clients, customers, colleagues, students, followers).  So the practices of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion within this book are also incredibly helpful in maintaining an even keel and putting out a loving, calm energy into the world.

This book is best for: If you're searching for true happiness and contentment and solutions on how to reduce your stress. (Or you've tried meditation but not been able to stick at it).

Best Spiritual Books﹟5: Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Ok, so technically not a ‘spiritual’ book but I didn’t feel I could leave this out of the mix. A Coach I was working with some years ago bought me a copy of Playing Big and it proved a massive support as I was finding my way in my new career.  Essentially, it is a guide for women who want to step up within their career and start to ‘play big’. That could be within their current career or launching into a new one. The common theme is around a desire to serve, to challenge the norms or to blaze a trail (however large or small).

Tara Mohr seems to just ‘get’ the struggles that many women face as they attempt to break free from the confines of what’s expected of them and follow their true calling.  There were many moments of nodding my head whilst reading this book. Such as when she describes the ‘good school girl’ behaviour which seems to follow many women into adulthood. And the apologetic language we can often use when writing emails which can be disempowering.

Perhaps most powerful is her explanation of the two types of fear which exist. One which is a fear of something bad happening.  The other is a fear of expanding, of taking up a new space in the world. I found it incredible reassuring to know that when you take a leap forward or make a career change, the latter type of fear being present is actually a sign that you are on the right path rather than something to stop you in your tracks.

What I also love about this book is the way it helps the reader acknowledge and deal with their Inner Critic. Something I know, from my experience as a Coach (as well as personal experience), that can have a debilitating impact on your career and your mental wellbeing.  With this, as with all the other ideas and insights presented, there is a plethora of helpful and practical tips to enable you to make the necessary changes and begin ‘Playing Big’.  


This book is best for: Women who want to make a difference in the world through their work but are held back by their fears and old behaviour patterns.

whatever book you choose, I hopE you found this look at the best spiritual books helpful. I wish for you to find just the right Book with just the right messages you need to hear at just the right time. and that the shared insights of all the wonderful teachers out there can carry you forward (or make you realise what you already have!)

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