Book a Coaching Taster Session

Maybe you're considering coaching but you’re not sure whether it’s the right thing for you?

You might know something isn’t right in your working life but maybe you don’t feel clear on what you even need help with

Perhaps you need more information to make an aligned decision about whether I’m the right Coach for you

Or maybe you don’t have anyone to share your current situation with and need to start getting it out of your head

My Offer To You...

FREE 30 minute Coaching Taster Session via Zoom

What happens in a Taster Session:

Please note I do not use a pressured selling approach. It is better for both of us if this is an aligned choice which intuitively feels right. Sometimes this can be sensed during the Coaching Taster Session but sometimes it requires a little reflection time after.

If you’re not currently in a financial position or don’t have the time or headspace to invest into coaching, please do come back and book a Taster Session In when you are ready as I’d love to speak with you then.

A kind request...

As I only have a limited number of Coaching Taster Session slots available each week (and in order for me to keep this as a free session), please only book one in if you are:

Need a bit more guidance before you book your session?

If you need a little guidance on deciding whether coaching is the right thing for you and whether it’s the right time for you, please check out my blog article – How To Know If Coaching Is For You

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