Launch & Grow
Your Creative Business

Get your creative business off the ground or take it to the next level with this Creative Coaching package.  Feel less overwhelmed and more confident and discover new ways to earn more money, take some of the stress out and make it sustainable for the future.

Benefits of this Creative Coaching Programme

In the first three sessions we work together to:

  1. Envision exactly what you want and set your intention so you can have true clarity and motivation to move forward
  2. Establish some clear, actionable goals to work towards and be accountable for so you can ensure you stay on track and celebrate your successes along the way
  3. Let go of any limiting fears, beliefs or obstacles so that you can build your new business with freedom and a feeling of spaciousness


We then co-create a bespoke package of coaching support for you which covers any or all of the following in as much or as little detail as you need, depending on where you’re currently at:

  Creating a Launch Plan so that you have clarity around timeframes and budget and reduce feelings of overwhelm

  Researching the market to ensure your product or service generates the level of business and income you desire

  Establishing who your target customer is so that you can have clarity and focus throughout your business 

  Developing your product or service offer in order to maximise its appeal to your target customer

  Developing and positioning your brand so that you stand out in the marketplace and communicate your authenticity

  Creating a marketing plan so that you can raise awareness about your business and convert strangers into loyal fans

  Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset so you can feel more confident and have more self-belief 

  Instilling a money mindset and setting the prices for your products or services so that you can feel comfortable maximising your income  

  Gathering the resources you need to get started (stock, money, support) so that you can get your business off the ground

  Preparing you to start selling your product or service so that you feel more confident delivering a pitch, approaching a retailer or attending a sales fair

  Developing your website and SEO so that you feel proud of your business and start attracting visitors and generating an income stream

  Setting up your business in a way which enables you to manage the day-to-day sustainably and feel less alone

What this Creative Coaching Programme includes

2 x 60 minute coaching sessions each month 

Email coaching to keep things moving in between sessions

Exercises and worksheets for guiding your sessions 

Shared folder access to keep a record of your actions and learnings and stay on track with progress

Accountability, challenge and lots of encouragement!

Sessions mostly held via Skype or telephone


You can choose the length of Programme to suit your budget and your circumstances

3 months£225/month
6 months£195/month
12 months£175/month

All the major credit and debit cards are accepted

Need help getting your creative business off the ground?