Restore Your
Work Life Balance

Having a good work life balance is key to a happy and healthy life.  When we are out of balance, we lose perspective and everything can suffer. This Life Coaching package is designed to get to the root of the problem and bring you lots of tools and support to bring you back to a place of balance and vitality in a sustainable way.  

Work Life Balance

Benefits of this Life Coaching Package

There are numerous benefits to improving your work life balance including lower stress levels, improved mental and physical health, better relationships, re-connecting with your hobbies and passions, preventing burnout, greater effectiveness at work and a feeling of greater energy and vitality. 

In this Work Life Balance Coaching package, we work together to:

  Assess where you’re currently at with your work life balance across key symptom areas so you have more clarity on your situation and the potential benefits that lie ahead for you

✓ Become more fully aware of the impact the imbalance is having on your life and those around you so that you have more motivation to take action and stay committed

✓ Understand the triggers that are disturbing your work life balance so you are better equipped to manage any future impact

✓ Uncover your underlying fears and anxieties and unhelpful behaviours so you can make better decisions which will have a positive impact on your work life balance

✓ Re-affirm your values and what’s most important to you so you can re-connect with the things you love and re-gain your perspective on life

✓ Discover lots of practical and mindset tools and new ways to nourish your body, mind and spirit so that you can bring yourself back to a place of balance and vitality and renewed energy

✓ Set some clear work life balance goals and develop an action plan to give you clarity, belief and a road map for you to bring your life into better balance

✓ Confront any underlying issues with your current work so you can either re-affirm your commitment or take the decision to make a career change 

✓ Develop a more confident stance so you can set new boundaries and learn to say no more

✓ Put your learnings into action with support and encouragement so you can confront any ongoing challenges or blockages and celebrate your successes

✓ Monitor your progress against your goals and actions so you can stay on track and restore your work life balance

What this Life Coaching Package includes

2 x 60 minute coaching sessions each month 

Email coaching to keep things moving in between sessions

Exercises and worksheets for guiding your sessions 

Shared folder access to keep a record of your actions and learnings and stay on track with progress

Accountability, challenge and lots of encouragement!

Sessions mostly held via Skype or telephone


You can choose the length of Programme to suit your budget and your circumstances.

3 months£225/month
6 months£195/month
12 months£175/month

All the major debit and credit cards are accepted

Ready to restore your work life balance?