Connection: The Spiritual Coaching Foundations #3

Intuition - Connection - Rebecca Kirk

For the third foundation in this series, we look at connection and how it can support you both within your current career (or life) and if you're considering a career change. I will share with you some powerful practices to create and deepen your connection. Plus I'll focus in on what I like to refer to as your superpower - intuition - and a simple process to help you act on it more.

What I mean by connection

I firstly want to clarify what I am referring to when I talk about connection within a career coaching or spiritual coaching context.  There are two dimensions to it:

1. Inner connection – to your intuition, to your own voice of wisdom, to your Higher Self

2. Outer connection – to the Universe, to God, the Divine, Source (whatever you prefer to call it)

It doesn’t matter if you’re only interested in the inner connection at this stage. Or if you’ve never felt a sense of connection at all. If you’ve been on a spiritual path for a while, maybe you are open to both and can acknowledge the connection between the two. Either one can support you on your career journey.


How connection can help you in your career

In my experience as a Career Coach (as well as my own personal experience as a career changer), our career can trigger us in many different ways and at different stages in our journey:  

  • The unsettling indecision of which career path to take when you’re at a crossroads
  • Feeling inadequate or experiencing imposter syndrome in your role
  • Searching for deeper meaning and fulfilment than your current career provides
  • The uncertainty and fear of redundancy
  • Feeling unworthy of a happier or more abundant working life
  • Experiencing high levels of stress and a lack of work life balance 
When you develop a connection (whether inner or outer), you bring in an added dimension which can enable you to make profound changes in your career by, for example:
  • Stopping overthinking things and starting to listen to your heart and your soul for answers
  • Accessing a powerful source of support and guidance and feeling less alone on your career journey 
  • Making decisions which are for your highest good instead of what you feel you ‘should’ be doing
  • Feeling more confident and trusting in yourself and in your path
  • Tapping into a superpower which can make you far more effective in your job
  • Discovering an inner place of sanctuary which can bring you peace and calm

How to create or deepen your connection

There are many simple practices you can incorporate into your working life to help create or deepen your connection. The main thing is to create space (both physically and mentally) so that the answers and the guidance can come through to you. And to view this as a practice (which you allow yourself to improve over time). Here are a few of my favourite connecting practices:


1. Time in nature – going for a walk in the woods and feeling connected to the trees and the birds and to sense the higher force behind all life forms. To realise that everything is interconnected and that there is a cycle in nature that we too are part of.  Whatever is going on in your career (or life), you can find that stillness and that quiet place of sanctuary within. Even glancing up at the sky or at the stars can transport you to that place of connection to something bigger which is supporting you.

2. Meditation – this is a great practice for creating space (provided that you are not thinking whilst you’re doing it!)  Often, after even a short period of meditation, insights and answers to problems can come through to you.  Also, through meditation, you can connect to that deeper place within – just by following your breathing and sensing the aliveness of your body.

3. Prayer – to me, prayer is simply communicating with a higher force (you don’t have to be religious as such to pray). In my morning practice I always have a conversation with the Universe and with my Spirit Guides, to ask for their support and guidance throughout the day or on a particular issue I might have. You could ask for help to find clarity around what career path to take or for the confidence to ask for a promotion or to change your working hours. Start chatting and see what comes out!

4. Setting up an altar – creating a focal point for my daily practices (of meditation, yoga and gratitude) has been a real game-changer. It can be a whole room which you dedicate or just a small corner of a room. I have a small table in my bedroom with a collection of meaningful objects which enable me to connect. This includes: a candle, some crystals, an essential oil, a buddha statue, an oracle card and a Tibetan singing bowl. You can use whatever is meaningful to you. Set up your altar wherever you will be least distracted and where the energy feels right. It will send out a powerful signal that you are serious about this and will remind you daily of the importance of connection.




Rebecca Kirk Intuition - Norfolk Beach

I believe we all have an innate superpower – intuition.  You might already be connected to your intuition or it might have been laying dormant and just needs activating. In a sense it is like a muscle, which needs regular use in order to build its strength. Whilst it isn’t often encouraged, using your intuition within your career can be transformative. Whether that’s supporting you in your day-to-day role or making a life-changing decision to try something new.

Acting on your intuition can help you become:

  • more confident (as you are connected to a deeper source of truth)
  • more efficient (instead of spending hours processing things in your head) 
  • more effective (in making better decisions or having inspired thoughts and ideas)

To me, intuition comes from the heart whereas pure thought comes from the head. This is not to say that thinking is bad or useful. But I believe that too much focus is often put on thinking and on processing things at the level of the mind. Having been an over-thinker in the past, I know how debilitating this can be. 

When we feel stuck, the answers will rarely come from the same place which has created that stuckness (i.e. the mind). But by tuning in to the whispers (or sometimes the screams) from our heart or our soul, we access new information about the same problem or dilemma. Once we’ve made our decision from that place, our minds can then kick in to help us with the next stage.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you connect more with your intuition:


Step 1: Become aware of your intuition

I believe the easiest way of distinguishing your intuition versus a ‘thought’ is to sense it in the body. Intuition is as much a feeling as it is a thought. It’s a sense, an inner knowing. Some people feel it in their gut, some around their heart centre, whilst others just have a generalised sense of inner knowing. There is no right or wrong. It’s more about acknowledging how it comes through for you. 

It may also come though as a flash of inspiration or a lightbulb moment and you may find yourself saying something to yourself and wondering where it has come from. It might not even make total sense to you at the time but you might still feel like it’s the right thing to do. (And sometimes especially when it doesn’t make total sense – this is your intuition!)

When I was deciding what to do in my last role before I became a Coach, I went to a beach on the Norfolk coast (a place of great connection for me) and I asked the Universe for some guidance. What I received can only be described as a ‘lightbulb moment’.  It was as if everything made sense to me in that moment. I knew that I wanted to become a Coach. The decision was made.  I wasn’t sure how, but that didn’t matter. The crystal clarity had arrived.


Step 2: Allow yourself to act on your intuition

Of course, having the intuition come through is only part of the story. If you want to live a truly inspired and aligned life, then acting on it must follow.  This takes courage, I know.  Sometimes it can feel scary to act on intuition rather than cold hard facts or what’s going on in your head. 

If you’re not used to acting on your intuition, I recommend you build it up as a practice by starting with something small and with less consequences. For example, following an urge to phone an old friend (which might be guiding you towards something). Or turning down a street you feel guided to turning down. 

Give yourself permission to act on your intuition without any judgement of whether it was right or wrong. See it as a little experiment.

Step 3: Reflect on the results of acting on your intuition

If you have acted on your intuition, be sure to check back in at some future point and reflect on what happened as a result. When we see that by acting on our intuition, it created a particular outcome which we wanted, then it will encourage us to keep listening out for it and acting on it.

Of course, it might not always be a wholly positive outcome or could trigger some other events you need to go through, but it is likely that in the long run it will be for your highest good.  For example, in following your intuition that you are in the wrong job and choosing to hand your notice in, there may be a period of adjustment and compromise before you get your new career fully up and running.  But this is where it can help to trust that in following your intuition, you will be shown the way and you will muster up the resources and the resilience to see things through. 

(You might also want to do this step before Step 1 – recalling some times in the past when you have/haven’t acted on your intuition and what happened as a result. And also reminding yourself how you have experienced intuition in your body.) 


I hope that you feel inspired to create a little space for connection. and that you are able to really tap into this amazing superpower you were born with. and then Stay tuned in for the messages, the nudges and the whispers that will guide you on your career journey and TOWARDS a happier working life..

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