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Are you ready to discover new ways to attract more customers to your purpose-led business and welcome greater prosperity and joy?

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Energise Your Business

Energise Your Business is a one-to-one business coaching programme which brings you the confidence and know-how to attract more customers to your purpose-led business. It explores all the areas where your energy might be blocked and enables you to raise your vibration so that you can come into resonance with your ideal customers and with greater abundance.  

We tap into the power of your vibration and your ability to manifest. This includes an initial check-in on your current physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. And kick-starting your journey with new vibration raising practices to bring you and your business into balance and make you an attracting force for prosperity.

The first half of this eight session programme focuses on the inner foundations of your business. We work through any mindset and energetic blocks and reconnect you to your business so that you can then market and sell what you offer with greater confidence and power. The second half is focused on the outer foundations of your business – your brand, your offer, how to market it and how to sell to customers in a way which resonates with you.

(Whilst this is a structured programme, I do work in an intuitive way, which means that we respond to what is needed for your situation.)

The Energise Your Business coaching programme goes deeper than other business coaching programmes as it also… 

We also draw on the 8 Spiritual Coaching Foundations including manifestation, connection and abundance to bring you a truly unique and spiritual experience and an opportunity for a deeper awakening through your entrepreneurial journey.

Energise Your Business One-to-One Coaching Programme Content

Aligning with purpose

With deep alignment to your purpose, you will become a confident, attracting force to your customers. We dive into your original ‘why’ and fully align you with your business and the purpose and people it serves. And learn how to make more impact by bringing more love into you what you do.

Releasing limiting beliefs

Here we uproot any thought patterns, fears or limiting beliefs  holding you back in your business. Things such as scarcity mindset, fear of being judged or low self-worth all stem from the Ego Self. I show you how to release them and create a powerful affirmation to support your business growth.

Building your confidence

If you don’t believe in yourself neither will your customers! Here we take an inventory on your gifts and talents and build confidence in your ability to make an impact and to grow your business. We also explore ways to delegate key tasks which don’t resonate and run your business more effectively.

Developing an abundance mindset

Fears around money and pricing will block your prosperity. Here I help you develop an abundance mindset and connect you with the spiritual source of prosperity. This enables you to start opening up to receive greater abundance and feel more at peace within your business.

Creating brand resonance

 We now focus in on your ideal customer and start creating a more impactful brand which resonates with them. We channel your energy to connect more deeply with your customers. And learn new ways to set yourself apart from competitors and claim your own unique place in the market. 

Strengthening your offer

Here we strengthen your product/service offering to your ideal customers and explore any new ideas to build your business and income stream. We also ensure you are optimising your pricing to receive true value from your work and create more prosperity.  

Attracting more customers

Now we harness your offering and your energy to connect and communicate with your ideal customersI share a range of practical marketing strategies to make your business more visible and attractive to your ideal customer including: website creation, SEO, emails, lead magnets and events.

Selling with joy

Finally, we draw everything together to start you selling in a more confident and joyful way which resonates with who you are. I share practical and energetic ways to improve your sales process and give you a powerful reframe which enables you to sell more joyfully and increase your income.

What’s included in the Energise Your Business coaching programme:


Full programme (8 sessions/4 months):

8 monthly payments of £240

or 4 monthly payments of £470
or single payment of £1,800


*HALF Programme (4 sessions/2 monthS):


* Focused on the inner or outer foundations or the lowest vibration areas of your business as highlighted by the FREE Business Energy Audit.

Daily Spiritual Practice guidance sheets plus 14 Day Habit Tracker

I’ll also support you on setting up a new Daily Spiritual Practice so you can feel calmer, more guided and connected on your entrepreneurial journey.  Practices include: meditation, journaling, prayer, breathwork and presence. 

Getting guidance and accountability on creating a regular routine can accelerate your change process and create a truly transformative spiritual experience.

Daily Spiritual Practice - Rebecca Kirk
energise your business coach

Hello, I'm Rebecca

Business Coach for people on a spiritual path

I work with people like you who are finally ready to launch or grow their own purpose-led business and enjoy a more fulfilling working life. I’ve supported hundreds of people in making the change into a new career or business and getting them to the next level. 

I draw on my experience as a Business Consultant in my days before becoming a Coach as well as working in the corporate commercial world as a Brand Manager & Product Manager for the likes of Sainsbury’s and Boots. 

I’ve also set up and run a couple of small businesses of my own, so I understand first hand the fears and trepidations of taking that leap of faith. But I also know how, with a bit of planning and the right mindset, you can make a successful leap into a purpose-led business and enjoy the lifestyle, fulfilment and prosperity which comes with it.

Ready to start attracting more customers to your business and discover new ways to thrive?

Discover the energetic blocks which are keeping you stuck and stopping your business from thriving with the FREE Business Energy Audit.
Designed for creative and purpose-led entrepreneurs and startups, this Business Energy Audit will show you exactly where your energy blockages are and provide you instant, actionable steps on how to start attracting more customers.
From taking this 5 minute quiz you will gain:

The Energise Your Business coaching programme is for you if you are:

Ready to Energise Your Business?

Come on a 30 minute Coaching Taster Session where you get to test the waters, ask any questions about any of my coaching and mentoring programmes and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

If you prefer something more bespoke which focuses on your particular areas of need, we can discuss the options.


Let’s turn this question around…consider what it might be costing you to not invest in yourself (with me or whoever) in terms of higher income potential, happiness, health and wellbeing, relationships and things you can’t put a price on. Coaching is an investment and when you invest money into your growth, you are more likely to show up and do the work. Plus, each of my career coaching programmes has a monthly payment plan to help you spread out the cost.

I offer a risk-free 30 minute Coaching Taster Session to enable you to test the waters, ask me any questions you might have about coaching and get a sense of whether this is a good fit for you. If it isn’t, then you are free to choose another route.

Whilst timing is important, it’s also good to separate out a genuine need to delay starting with a process like this from an underlying fear of moving forward. Sometimes it’s better to wait until you have more headspace but also it can be useful to have coaching in the thick of things as this can add useful context and give you an opportunity to test out what you’re learning.

In this blog article, I give you some pointers on how you can decide whether now is the right time for you. Ultimately, I would always refer you to your intuition to guide you!

Change can be scary, I get it! But be aware that there are two different types of fear. One is a fear of something happening that you don’t want but there is also another fear. A fear of expanding, growing and occupying a bigger and exciting new space in the world. If this type of fear is present, take it as a good sign and don’t let it hold you back from making the changes you know you want to.

This is a mental position and nothing more! Regardless of your circumstances or what has already happened in your life, positive change is possible for you. When you open yourself up to the possibility of change (even if you don’t know how) then magic happens. I see it all the time.

I understand that not everyone will need the exact recipe of what I offer within each of my programmes. So, I am happy to adapt them to meet your specific needs (for example, if you’re in the middle of this programme and decide that staying in your current career is the best option but you need some support in building confidence or creating more balance in order to make it work). Alternatively, you can choose the Customised Coaching option from the start where you co-create the goals and the agenda.

Everybody is on a different path and with a different timescale, so it’s possible that you may have further support needs. We can discuss your ongoing coaching needs at the end of the initial period and add on some sessions on either a regular or ad hoc basis.

All coaching sessions are currently held via Zoom. I offer a limited number of face-to-face sessions in the Manchester and Sheffield/Chesterfield regions.

Coaching is all about taking action and learning from those actions.
Initially in a session, we will check in with your current state, how you are feeling, what’s happening for you and any progress you have made towards your coaching goals. We may go through a coaching exercise together where I guide you through a process or technique which I know can support you in moving forward. There is always the opportunity for you to bring to session any relevant issues or opportunities which we can work through together. I will always check in with you at the end of a session to see how it went and ensure you are getting what you need from me.

Each session will typically involve establishing 3 or 4 actions or next steps for you to take before the next session which will move you closer to your goal. This might include completing a coaching exercise/worksheet, beginning a new practice/habit or approaching an upcoming work challenge or opportunity in a new way. (It may also be about doing nothing and allowing yourself to just ‘be’!) There is also a certain amount of self-reflection which is encouraged in between sessions and journaling about any thoughts/feelings/beliefs or insights which arise which we can then use in a future session.

Aside from the sessions themselves, I would normally recommend a minimum of 2 hours in between sessions to work through any exercises or do some journaling. Many of the actions can be integrated into daily life (e.g. being more mindful or showing up to a work meeting in a different way) and so don’t require a time commitment as such.

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for or have some questions?

Drop me a line and I’ll help you get the information you need to see whether you want to take things any further.


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