Vibration: The Spiritual Coaching Foundations #2

how to raise your vibration

Vibration (and how to raise your vibration) is the second of the Spiritual Coaching Foundations I use in my coaching practice. And it also a key element in how to manifest changes. In this article, I share with you what vibration is, how it can support you in your life and career plus some ideas on how to raise your vibration starting today.

What Exactly Is Vibration?

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy which vibrates.  As such, we are all vibrational beings.  We all emit a vibrational frequency which can be felt by others.  You can sense the vibration or energy of another person when you meet them or when you walk into a room or a place – whether that’s a positive, light and uplifting energy which draws you in or a heavy, negative energy which repels you. 

Imagine yourself as a transmission tower stood high up on a hill.  The images you see or the station you tune into (i.e. your life experiences) will reflect the frequency you emit.  

The scale below illustrates the range of frequencies which are linked to various different emotions (following a study by Dr David Hawkins). Wherever you are on the scale in a particular situation, you are offering a point of attraction. Whether that is something you want (i.e. through the higher frequencies) or something you don’t want (through the lower frequencies).

The Power To Attract New Circumstances

If you are looking to change or manifest something in your life or career, understanding your vibration and how you have the power to change it can accelerate the process.  And not only that, it can enable you to feel happier, healthier, more peaceful and more joyful along the way.

When you put out a positive, high vibration, what you attract will tend to mirror that state*.  So when you understand that basic equation, and you become more conscious about the vibration you emit, you can literally transform your outer circumstances and what shows up for you in your life.

Your vibration goes into everything you do – what you say, what you do, what you write, what you think and what you feel towards someone or something.  And so every day there are opportunities to raise your vibration and to attract positive things to you in a more conscious way.  

Your ability to manifest is greatly enhanced when you come at it from a higher vibration state. For example, there is a lightness in your being, you aren’t taking things too seriously, you experience joy in every little step, you feel optimistic and positive about the future.  

This is in contrast to attempting to make changes in a heavy, emotional state where you’re attached to the outcome or wanting things to happen immediately and feeling frustrated when they don’t.  Or you’re feeling resentful about your situation or towards certain people. 


*I want to add a caveat here and acknowledge that sometimes even with a high vibration, we can still experience difficulties and challenges.  It is my belief that we are sometimes presented with these circumstances to find new depths within us, to discover a renewed spiritual connection or to enable us to heal in some way. 

The Benefits to Your Working Life

There are many benefits which raising your vibration can have in your working life, such as:

1. Improved relationships


3. Greater clarity and focus around what you want

4. better work life BALANCE

5. Attracting more clients or customers

6. More effectiveness in your role  

How To Raise Your Vibration: Step 1 - Become conscious

The first step in how to raise your vibration is to become conscious of it in any given situation. Say you’re about to walk into a meeting – consider what you might be ‘giving off’?  Is there a lightness in your being, would someone sense you being in a positive upbeat mood (even without you saying a word)?  Or would it be obvious that you don’t really want to be there or feel a resentment towards someone?  

Maybe you’re writing an email to a colleague or client or you’re applying for a job and in the background there is a thought or feeling of ‘I’m not going to get this’ or ‘they’re not going to respond positively to what I’m asking for’.  

Simply become conscious of where your vibration is at in that moment (you can reference the scale above to see which emotion is prevalent).

How To Raise Your Vibration: Step 2 - Recognise you have a choice

If you have become conscious of a prevailing low vibration then simply STOP!  Recognise that in that moment you have a choice.  Once you become conscious you can then choose a different thought which will emit a higher vibration.  It is easy to get taken over by our emotions but we always have choice in what we think and feel.  You are the only person truly responsible for what you think and feel.

I have never forgotten this phrase which I read many years ago and has really helped me “nobody can make you feel a certain way without your permission”.

How To Raise Your Vibration: Step 3 - Make a more conscious choice

Once you have recognised that you are emitting a low vibration and you have stopped, you can then make a more conscious choice to emit a higher vibration.  One way of doing this is to take a look at the scale above and choose a new emotion/state.  

For example, going into a meeting where you feel angry towards your boss, you could instead choose acceptance. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with what they are doing or saying, but the energy of acceptance is much lighter and more neutralising (and might just feel better for you).  

One of my clients was sending out a post on social media to announce her new business venture and instead of a vibration of fear she chose a vibration of courage. Courage to tell her story and be vulnerable. She received so many positive messages and even inspired some of her followers to be more courageous!  


Have a go at these 3 steps when you next interact with someone and see what shifts you can create…

6 Simple Practices on How to Raise Your Vibration

In addition to consciously shifting your mood or emotions up the vibrational scale (e.g. bringing more love to a situation), here are a few suggested practices to help you raise your vibration and align with what you want to attract. See which ones resonate with you the most and then begin by committing to a 7 day practice.  Make a note of any changes (subtle or profound) before and after your practice.


Put on your favourite calming or uplifting tunes and lose yourself in them (and have an energising dance). 


Connect with the positive vibration of a crystal by holding one or placing in your pocket or inside your bra.


Give thanks for something (even a challenge you’re facing) and this will raise your vibration instantly.


Take a mindful walk out in nature and sense the high vibration energy of the trees, plants and flowers.

Follow Your Joy

Allow yourself time to do little things which light you up such as reading your favourite book or having a bath.

Media Detox

Give yourself a mini break from watching or reading the news or checking your social media feed. 

I hope you have found this look at how to raise your vibration helpful.  It can be a real game-changer in your life and career when you become conscious of the energy you’re projecting and the power that you hold, even by making some small changes. 

As part of my one-to-one coaching programmes, I focus on these and other ways to raise your vibration so that you can start creating a working life that you love.

Here's to you raising your vibration and becoming an attracting force for all that can bring you true happiness and fulfilment...

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