Client Testimonials

Watch and read these client testimonials to find out how Career Coaching, Spiritual Coaching and Business Coaching has helped others pursue their passion, find more balance in their current work or take the leap into something new.

Clients 1

Through Rebecca’s career change coaching programme I was able to identify my key strengths, interests and passions which led me from a career in Pharmacy to Art Therapy. I remember feeling scared, nervous and apprehensive about what lay ahead but Rebecca helped me to dismantle the obstacles and barriers which were holding me back. I am now a fully qualified Art Therapist embarking on my new career working with clients and helping them to facilitate change through creativity.

Sue Bulmer  Art Therapist

Sean Verster - Testimonial

Rebecca’s strategic and focused approach coupled with her strong intuitive guidance has completely opened my awareness to all that is possible for me.  I was at a crossroad, searching for greater purpose, deeper meaning and connection and Rebecca guided me on an incredible journey of self discovery, deep personal connection and ultimately renewed energy, excitement and unlimited possibility.

I feel more alive, invigorated, directed and open than I have in along time and I’m now on a path toward a future of unlimited possibility, personal growth and success – thank you for the outstanding coaching and direction, the incredible insights and guidance.

Sean Verster  Visual merchandise Manager

Kate Forshaw

This process has been truly transformative for me. I’m finally starting to see myself as the confident and capable person that I’ve always been underneath it all.

Kate Forshaw  Jewellery Maker & Teacher


Rebecca’s laser-like intuition guided me to identify and explore exactly the right questions at a challenging juncture in my life. I found her holistic yet grounded approach to be profoundly transformative and self-empowering. Rebecca’s coaching helped me to see things from a deeper perspective, bringing valuable awareness to limiting beliefs while providing the encouragement and accountability required to take sure-footed action towards goals which aligned with my values.

Rebecca’s rare mix of personability, professionalism and spirituality has been a God-send and an invaluable investment to both myself and those around me!

Mark Stoney  Songwriter/Producer

Dr Sarah Carlick

I chose Rebecca as my coach due to her spiritual outlook and ethos. After recovering from cancer I needed to reconnect with myself and my work. Rebecca’s gentle approach enabled me to heal by encouraging me daily mediation, connecting with my higher self and intuition. Three months later I am focused on my goals and living in the moment. I feel empowered and strong. I would like to thank her for her insights and support.

Dr Sarah Carlick International Digital Safeguarding Expert


Working with Rebecca gave me the push I needed to begin an exciting new career direction whilst also helping me discover ways to maintain my current client base and income stream.  I have total clarity in my purpose now and am already feeling more fulfilled by my work.  I loved Rebecca’s calm and focussed approach and she always made me feel totally supported and that she got what I’m about.  She made me realise new things about myself and gave me tools and practices to support myself with long into the future.  If you’re wondering about coaching I would definitely recommend you to go for it. It’s potentially life changing and worth every penny of the investment!

Jo Gendle  Film Maker & Comedy Writer


I met Rebecca at a time in my life where I was going through a lot of change. I decided I needed a Coach, I already had a Personal Training & a Golf Coach. I honestly can’t believe I waited this long to find one. Rebecca was pivotal in creating clarity in a very noisy life. Rebecca helped me understand myself, plan, set targets/goals to strive forward and asked all the right questions at the right time. As a Coach, I highly recommend Rebecca and can’t thank her enough for all her help & support. She has a huge passion for Coaching and genuinely cares. Her help and support has driven all aspects of my life in the right direction. If you are procrastinating or struggling to achieve your goals then contact Rebecca! 

Dave Crawford  Entrepreneur, Sevecta Media


I have got a huge amount from of my coaching sessions with Rebecca. I started with low confidence but a strong desire to make more of my doll making hobby, which was becoming increasingly important to me. Rebecca helped me identify my goals around turning my hobby into an business and with clear steps and actions to take each week, I soon found myself moving towards a long buried dream. The sessions culminated with me having a stand at the Country Living Fair in London which was a great success and I actually sold all of my work. This has given me the confidence to push things further and I’m really looking forward to working with Rebecca on moving towards the next level of my goals.

Sara Sherriff  Dollmaker, Wildwood


I run multiple businesses so my time is precious.  I contacted Rebecca for coaching for a new project I was launching as I know the value of accountability and having a guide. Working with Rebecca has been pleasant from first meeting to last. Her warmth and person centred manner meant I felt professionally held through the entire project.  Having Rebecca on my side meant I was able to define my goal, set a strategy to reach it, and then focus on the action steps.  Accountability helped me focus and hit the goal I set.  I cannot recommend Rebecca Kirk enough, she is outstanding.

Ken Kelly  Entrepreneur & Founder, Conversion Marketer

Clients 2

Behind Rebecca’s approachable and down to earth attitude lies a wealth of experience and expertise of the world where art meets business. She has built a bridge between the two worlds and has made me realise that the crossing isn’t as perilous as I’d first thought! 

Helen Foster   Illustrator & Designer, Rollerdog Design


Working with Rebecca enabled me to feel confident about my brand and it’s values and now more able to prioritise my activities so I gain maximum impact from my business strategy. Rebecca’s coaching style is calm, non judgmental and supportive and as a creative who always has a busy mind full of ideas, she understood what I needed to do to achieve my goals and offered support in those areas. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone in the Creative Industries who is looking for some support with their business strategy and ideas to grow their business.

Amanda McConnell   Photographer & Founder of MOTUS Women’s Network


From frustrated to fulfilled artist. I’ve always felt that my talent was a gift I was meant to share with others, I’ve kept my art hidden away within the limited confines of it being “just a hobby”. I had neither the confidence or the knowhow to get my work out there, that was until I met Rebecca. ​

Deborah Perry  Artist

Right from the very first session I couldn’t believe the impact it had. I instantly reconnected with my values and my identity. I identified the limited thinking that had been holding me back my entire life.

Jolene Slack   Sheffield


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