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I have got a huge amount from of my coaching sessions with Rebecca. I started with low confidence but a strong desire to make more of my doll making hobby, which was becoming increasingly important to me. Rebecca helped me identify my goals around turning my hobby into an business and with clear steps and actions to take each week, I soon found myself moving towards a long buried dream. The sessions culminated with me having a stand at the Country Living Fair in London which was a great success and I actually sold all of my work. This has given me the confidence to push things further and I’m really looking forward to working with Rebecca on moving towards the next level of my goals.

Sara Sherriff  Dollmaker, Wildwood

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I run multiple businesses so my time is precious.  I contacted Rebecca for coaching for a new project I was launching as I know the value of accountability and having a guide. Working with Rebecca has been pleasant from first meeting to last. Her warmth and person centred manner meant I felt professionally held through the entire project.  Having Rebecca on my side meant I was able to define my goal, set a strategy to reach it, and then focus on the action steps.  Accountability helped me focus and hit the goal I set.  I cannot recommend Rebecca Kirk enough, she is outstanding.

Ken Kelly  Entrepreneur & Founder, Conversion Marketer

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Behind Rebecca’s approachable and down to earth attitude lies a wealth of experience and expertise of the world where art meets business. She has built a bridge between the two worlds and has made me realise that the crossing isn’t as perilous as I’d first thought! 

Helen Foster   Illustrator & Designer, Rollerdog Design

Working with Rebecca enabled me to feel confident about my brand and it’s values and now more able to prioritise my activities so I gain maximum impact from my business strategy. Rebecca’s coaching style is calm, non judgmental and supportive and as a creative who always has a busy mind full of ideas, she understood what I needed to do to achieve my goals and offered support in those areas. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone in the Creative Industries who is looking for some support with their business strategy and ideas to grow their business.

Amanda McConnell   Photographer & Founder of MOTUS Women’s Network


From frustrated to fulfilled artist. I’ve always felt that my talent was a gift I was meant to share with others, I’ve kept my art hidden away within the limited confines of it being “just a hobby”. I had neither the confidence or the knowhow to get my work out there, that was until I met Rebecca. ​

Deborah Perry  Artist

Sue Bulmer

Thanks to Rebecca I’ve had my ‘eureka’ moment of clarity and I know now what’s next for me on my creative journey. I’m feeling renewed enthusiasm for my art business. I feel I’ve found my point again and cannot thank Rebecca enough for helping me on my journey.

Sue Bulmer  Illustrator

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