Hello, I’m Rebecca. I enable spiritually-minded people feeling off balance, unfulfilled or undervalued to create a working life with greater peace, purpose and prosperity.

Who I am

I am a spiritual being having a human experience (as I believe we all are). 

I love my first Americano of the day, feeding the birds, getting lost in music, walks in the forest (and watching how the light comes through the trees), crystals, essential oils, cuddling my cockerpoo Madge, watching tennis, being near the sea, Japanese food, Kundalini Yoga and spreadsheets (you weren’t expecting that were you). 

What I do

As I take a holistic approach to coaching and see your life as interconnected, I wear a few different hats. I’m trained as both a Life Coach and as a Spiritual Coach. However, my client experience has largely centred around navigating career changes, work life balance and finding life purpose – where I apply the principles of both life coaching and spiritual coaching.  

So, if I had to sum it all up I’m a Spiritual Career Coach

 I enable spiritually-aware people who are feeling off balance, unfulfilled or undervalued to create a working life with greater peace, purpose and prosperity*.

*my definition of prosperity is not just limited to money but also includes time, love and experiences

Why I do it

I love my work. It’s been a winding path to get here, but I love my work. I was once asked if I had a Life Coach or Career Coach when I reached my big crossroads back in 2010. I didn’t and I realised that I navigated my path without a road map. I wouldn’t change that for anything as it has meant that I can relate to my clients in a much deeper way. Plus, my own search for answers and guidance has given me something potent to share.

I have met some incredible teachers and guides along my path. And I have discovered the tools, practices, books, new ways of thinking and the inner belief that have brought me to where I am. My calling is now to curate and make accessible these ways of thinking, being and doing so that you too can find balance, fulfilment and abundance in your working life.

Where I do it

I work with clients via Zoom across the UK and around the world (notably the United States, Canada, the Middle East and Europe).  

I also offer some face-to-face sessions in and around Manchester and Derbyshire in the UK.

My purpose

My purpose is to enable you to use your career challenge as a catalyst to a deeper awakening.  An awakening not only to your true potential but to who you are underneath the roles you play and to the higher force which supports you.  So that you can connect with the peace, purpose and prosperity that is waiting for you.

My Awakening Journey


My own awakening first began when I was living in West Palm Beach, Florida in the late 1990s and working as a Swimwear Buyer. It was triggered by a yearning for something more meaningful than the extreme material wealth I was surrounded by and a rising sense that there was something else I was meant to be doing.

My time in Florida was exhilarating. I forged lifelong friendships and kick-started my career in a way I never could have imagined. I consider myself very blessed to have had the opportunity to move abroad for my first job. However, after much soul-searching and finally listening to that inner nudge, in 2001 I left my life and moved back home to the UK and embarked on a career within the corporate retail world.

I then spent nearly 10 years working as a Buyer and Brand Manager for the likes of Sainsbury’s and Boots. The work was challenging, exciting and also led me to some amazing people and experiences which I will never forget. But again, I knew deep inside that the work I was doing was not truly ‘me’. I suffered from Imposter Syndrome long before I even knew of the concept. I questioned myself, I compared myself and I felt alone in my lack of desire to move up the ladder. This all makes sense to me now. I wasn’t doing the work I now know I am meant to do. The difference is palpable.

In 2010, responding to a persistent, underlying sense of being a round peg in a square hole, I then took the life-changing decision to go on a career break to Sydney, Australia (a place I now consider a spiritual home). That was where my own life and career transformation truly took root. In part thanks to the previously undiscovered joys of Buddhist meditation and Kundalini Yoga. I realised it was time to escape the corporate world for good and started my own business as a Retail & Brand Consultant. I was then able to carve out a better work life balance and continue some of the practices I had discovered in Sydney.



In 2013, I had the opportunity to set up and run a creative business with four amazing creative women (who, thankfully, are still a part of my life now). We had some great successes, attracting clients such as M&S, Chatsworth House, the RHS and Kew Gardens. It taught me more than I could ever have learnt at a business school or on a coaching course. It was an experience which will stay with me forever and is something which I am now able to share with my creative and entrepreneurial clients. To enable them to get their own business started, to go into it with their eyes wide open, to keep going when times are tough and to know when it’s time to change course.

And then in the Autumn of 2015, I had my epiphany….



On a beach in Norfolk, I looked out to sea and asked the Universe for guidance on what my next steps were (having felt a calling away from the commercial world once and for all) and the answer was given to me. It truly was a lightbulb moment of clarity. (Yes, they do exist!) And so, at the tender age of 40, I retrained as a Life Coach and embarked on my ultimate career change.

Letting go of the creative business I had poured my heart and soul into and working with friends I loved was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. But, because my connection to my new purpose was so strong, I knew I had no choice. And that I would be supported as I navigated my way through the transition. And, whilst I always reflect fondly on my time in the business, I have honestly never looked back. I had to close that door so I could fully open another.

My connection to purpose is something which now brings me immense joy and fulfilment each and every day. And I now use my own career change experiences and all the tools and practices I’ve learnt along the way, to enable others to find a deeper connection to their work and a balanced lifestyle to go with it.

Because of my experiences, I understand deeply many of the fears and anxieties that my clients feel at the early stages of their journey towards finding balance and fulfilment. And I can also say, with total confidence, that there is a way through those fears. Over the course of my career, I have left 3 good full-time jobs with nothing else to go to. I have tested my faith in myself and in the Universe and have found that when you leap, the net does indeed appear!

Who I support

I work with women and men who are mid-career and ready to create more fulfilment, balance or prosperity in their working life. This ranges from creative entrepreneurs, middle or senior managers, stay-at-home dads, mums returning to work, small business owners, corporate employees ready for a career change or people ready to embark on self-employment. 

I’ve worked with people on a myriad of career paths: artists, musicians, lawyers, nurses, accountants, healers, yoga teachers, authors, photographers and marketeers to name but a few.

However, the common thread which unites them all is a deep-seated desire for greater peace, greater self-expression, greater health, greater abundance, greater fulfilment and greater belief in themselves. Plus an open-mindedness in how they achieve that. Many of my clients are either spiritually-aware or spiritually-curious. Not necessarily with any particular religious beliefs but simply a belief in a higher force which supports them and helps them connect to their true self.

The Power of Connection

I believe that we get the best results when we feel a sense of connection to the person we receive support from. For this reason, I choose the people I work with based on the connection I feel right from the very first communication and I focus on the clients where I can add the most value. Similarly, I trust in my clients’ ability to sense this connection and judge for themselves whether I am the right coach to go on this journey with them. I trust that I will attract the people whom I am meant to work with (and vice versa).

I invite you to come on a Coaching Taster Session with me where we can explore this connection together.

My Experience & Qualifications

My Personal Development

What I find perhaps the most useful in my work with clients is the thousands of hours I have invested into my own personal development and spiritual awakening. As a spiritual student (and imperfect human) I have sought out and studied the wisdom of so many wonderful spiritual teachers and gurus. I’d like to give a special nod to: Eckhart Tolle, Rebecca Campbell, Shakti Gawain, Tosha Silver and the Grandmother of the whole self-development world, Louise Hay. I also have my own Coach and Supervisor, to ensure I continue to develop my practice. Without all of their collective shared wisdom, bravery and generosity, I wouldn’t be half as fulfilled (or balanced!) as I am today. I thank you all.

My Approach To Coaching

I wouldn’t class myself as a typical Career Coach (or Life Coach). I go deeper with clients using an intuitive and holistic approach to understand what makes them tick, get under the skin of things and to enable them to reveal the true essence of who they are which is lurking underneath their current job, situation or the outward appearance they present to the world. I offer this to those who are turned off by a corporate approach to career coaching.   

My approach combines Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching.  I see everything in life as interconnected and in connection to a higher force. I know this may not be for everyone, but it’s an approach that I’ve seen create the most dramatic and lasting transformations.  To me, it is impossible to fully separate life and career.  The two are intrinsically linked. I will often refer to your ‘working life’ as a truer reflection of what this approach is about than just your career.

In essence, my approach is about getting the foundations in place before you start looking for new jobs, getting your CV together or networking.  To me, that is the last part of the process (and there are some very good Career Coaches out there who can support you with that!)  If you want to create a profound and sustainable change, then we have to get to the root of things first.  To rip the plaster off.  To listen to what your soul is yearning for.  To understand what truly makes you tick.


Co-Active Model

I follow the Co-Active model of coaching which means I focus on the whole person, working intuitively and always believing in my clients’ own inner resourcefulness. 

I hold a confidential space for them to explore their deepest desires and fears without judgment. I also hold clients to account for their actions, as this is often the difference-maker between succeeding and just drifting along.

One-to-One Focus

My focus is firmly on my one-to-one clients. I choose not to have any other commitments (such as group programmes or podcasts) so that I can channel my energy and give my clients the focus and attention I believe they deserve for investing in me. 

For this same reason, I also choose to work with a limited number of clients at any one time rather than cramming my diary and depleting my energy. My clients’ awakening is everything to me. I am deeply committed to my work alongside my own evolution on my spiritual path.



Why Spirituality within Career Coaching

There is a shift going on on the planet. Old ways of doing things are being shaken up and we are being forced to re-evaluate our lives and the structures in place which take us away from who we truly are. We are being taught to be more respectful of nature and of the value of human relationships.

I believe that now, more than ever, it is a necessity rather than a luxury that we focus on our spiritual wellbeing. It is our collective mission to raise the consciousness of the planet by raising our own consciousness. And what better way to do that than by aligning your life with your true purpose.

Spiritual wellbeing is no longer the exclusive pursuit of the hippy generation or those living in caves or committed to a holy life as a nun or a monk. It is something we can all integrate into our daily lives, with or without a religious alignment.

I cannot imagine having gone through my career changes (and a few other life challenges) without the support and reassurance that my spiritual connection has brought me. It has enabled me to:

There is so much more we can do and so much more happiness we can feel when we harness our spirituality within our career journey!

Find out more about how I apply spirituality within career coaching

My Beliefs

*my job is to simply help you realise that and remove the blocks you may have put in front 


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