I offer sessions in Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Intuitive CoachingCreative Coaching or a combination of all four.  All sessions will bring you clarity, motivation and self-belief.  Accountability, challenge and encouragement come as standard!

One-to-One Coaching

One-to-one coaching can transform your life or work situation, including:

  • Making a lifestyle or career change
  • Returning to work after having children
  • Taking a leap into self-employment
  • Preparing for an important event
  • Planning for retirement
  • Moving forward from redundancy
  • Deciding what career path to take
  • Growing and feeling more valued within your current role
  • Restoring balance and fulfilment
  • Moving through a midlife crisis



I will help you become clear on what you want and how you’re going to get it so that we can ‘untangle the spaghetti in your head’.



I will enable you discover what’s going to stop you procrastinating and move you into action without it feeling like hard work.



I will empower you to trust in yourself and build confidence in your innate ability to manifest what your heart desires.


All-In Monthly Coaching

If you’re ready to embrace a big change then investing some proper time into transforming your future with regular fortnightly sessions is the way to go. This option will get you properly off the ground and give you chance to deep-dive into all the areas you need support with. 

You receive 2 x 60 sessions per month via telephone, webcam or in person (when available) with the added support of email coaching in between sessions. 

We co-create a Personalised Coaching Plan which enables you to:

Discover how balanced and fulfilled you truly are so you can have total clarity and awareness about your situation and the opportunities for change

Identify and release the limiting beliefs and things that hold you back so you can start to let go and create the space for a new future

Uncover your deepest values so you can increase your motivation, re-align your life and make life or career decisions with more confidence

Inventory your skills, strengths and successes so you can build belief in yourself and bring clarity to what work will make you happiest

Pinpoint what your ideal work looks like so you can feel more focussed and more confident about changing jobs or staying where you are

Set some clear and achievable goals and action steps so you can become unstuck, stop feeling overwhelmed and start moving forward 

Reconnect with what lights you up and nurtures you so you can restore a sense of balance and sustain your new working future

Discover new ways to harness your own inner power to become an attracting force for your new future

If you're running or setting up your own creative business I can also enable you to:

Develop your brand, product or service offering so you can connect fully with your target customer 

Price and sell your work with greater confidence 

Set up the tools and support to enable you to run the non-creative side of your business more smoothly


Investment £195/month*

* In order to get you the best results, there is a minimum of 3 months on this package, with the option to keep the coaching relationship going until you’ve made the level of progress you’re happy with.


Coaching sessions are typically held over the phone/internet (I do offer a small number of face-to-face sessions in and around Manchester and Sheffield).  Each session is focussed on action and learning and has a clear agenda (set by you) with a set of actions for you to commit to for the following session.  In between sessions, there will be the opportunity to email me with any pressing concerns or questions.  

My approach uses a combination of mindset and practical tools, together with intuition and curiosity to bring you results which last.  I follow the Co-Active Coaching model which means I treat you as a capable, whole person and focus on the inter-connectedness of each area of your life. 

Thanks to Rebecca I've had my 'eureka' moment of clarity and I know now what's next for me on my creative journey. I'm feeling renewed enthusiasm for my art business. I feel I've found my point again and cannot thank Rebecca enough for helping me on my journey.


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