The Conscious Career Change - Career Coaching Programme

A 6 week One-to-One Career Coaching Programme and Online Course for those at a career crossroads and yearning for more purpose, balance and fulfilment from their working life. Whether you’re looking to make a big career change, considering self-employment, returning from maternity leave or wanting to see if you can make it work in your current job, this holistic programme can bring you back to life so you can truly love your work!


✓ Feel clear about your career direction so you can move through your crossroads

✓ Build more belief in your abilities and what’s possible for you

✓ Let go of the resistance and blocks that have been holding you back 

✓ Reconnect to what’s most important to you and your inner motivation

 ✓ Make a confident decision whether to stay, leave or transition from your current role    

Create more focus and start taking action on your career


A holistic career coaching programme designed to bring you the...

Alignment (module 1)

Rediscover your values so you can tap into your deepest source of motivation and align your life to what truly counts.

Confidence (module 2)

Own your skills and strengths so you feel more confident in your career and in realising your true potential.

Purpose (module 3)

Reveal your life purpose so you can make more impact in the world and feel more truly fulfilled.

Belief (module 4)

Let go of what’s holding you back and start believing in yourself so you feel empowered to create a lasting change.

Clarity (module 5)

Get really clear on your ideal career and what you want from your working life so you can start taking action and find your best fit.

Direction (module 6)

Create your career goals and transition plan so you can set your course and move through your crossroads. choose a career path which leads to greater balance and fulfilment

Career Change Coaching


1-1 Coaching Sessions*

You will receive 3 x 60-75 minute coaching sessions to support you as you journey through the course (typically every 2 weeks).

Coaching Videos

Watch 50 bite-sized coaching videos with encouragement and guidance from Rebecca covering the 6 key modules

Coaching Workbooks

Each module will have an accompanying workbook to guide your learning, structure your thoughts and capture your insights.

Email Support*

Over the 6 weeks you have full email support with me as a sounding board or to work through any resistance or live issues.

Work Life Assessment*

We kick things off with a questionnaire to assess your life and career wellbeing and highlight any areas to improve balance.

Accountability Check-In*

In between each session, you'll get an accountability check-in message from me to see how you're getting on and to prompt you to take any agreed actions.

Session Notes*

A summary of your coaching session and actions will be sent to you at the end of each session to help you maintain focus on your goals.​

Holistic Practices

Guidance on 6 supportive holistic practices to help you feel balanced and stay positive on your journey

Welcome Gift*

You'll receive a little thank you present from me to welcome you to coaching and to get you started on your journey.


The Conscious Career Change - Workbooks


Each of the 6 modules has its own Workbook for you to download, which guides you through the lessons, giving you space to explore your thoughts, generate new insights and commit to action. The workbooks are in editable pdf format so you don’t need a printer to use them!


*One-to-One Coaching Programme
(including 3 one-to-one sessions plus full course access)
£650 or 2 payments of £350

Online Course Only


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