How to create a working life you love


A powerful 3 month One-to-One Career Coaching Programme for those at a career crossroads and yearning for more purpose, balance and fulfilment from their working life. Whether you’re looking to make a big career change, considering self-employment, returning from maternity leave or wanting to see if you can make it work in your current job, this holistic programme can bring you back to life so you can truly love your work!


✓ Feel clear about your career direction so you can move through your crossroads

✓ Build more belief in your abilities and what’s possible for you

✓ Let go of the beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back 

✓ Reconnect to what’s most important to you and your inner motivation

✓ Learn how to integrate holistic tools to support you (intuition, visualisation, meditation)

 ✓ Make a confident decision whether to stay, leave or transition from your current role    

Create more focus and start taking action on your career



Your Values (Session 1)

Reconnect with what lights you up so you can tap into your deepest source of motivation and align your life to what truly counts.

Your Purpose (Session 2)

Discover your true calling and how you can combine your skills and passions to experience more joy and fulfilment from the work you do.

Your Ideal Role (Session 3)

Get really clear on exactly what your ideal role is, including key aspects such as culture, salary, people, skills and self-employment.

Your Superpowers (Session 4)

Highlight your skills and strengths to build confidence and belief in what you’re capable of and gain further clarity on what your next role might be.

Your Beliefs (Session 5)

Uncover, release and replace any limiting beliefs which might be stopping you from making your career transformation and feeling more confident.

Your Career Roadmap (Session 6)

Draw on all your learnings to assess your career options, create a clear goal and an action plan on how to get there so you can love your work.



1-1 Coaching Sessions

You will receive 6 x 60-75 minute coaching sessions to support you, held either via webcam or phone typically every 2 weeks.

Work Life Assessment

We kick things off with a questionnaire to assess your life and career wellbeing and highlight any areas to improve balance.

Coaching Worksheets

Each session will have an accompanying worksheet to guide your learning, structure your thoughts and capture your insights.

Unlimited Email support

You can email me in between sessions if anything comes up or you just feel like sharing some thoughts or insights.

Session Notes

A summary of your coaching session and actions will be sent to you at the end of each session to help you maintain focus on your goals.​

Accountability Check-In

In between each session, you'll get an accountability check-in message from me to see how you're getting on and to prompt you to take any agreed actions.

Coaching Portal

Access to a shared portal with a range of coaching resources, your session notes and your coaching schedule to help you stay organised and focused.

Welcome Gift

You'll receive a little thank you present from me to welcome you to coaching and to get you started on your journey.


Coaching sessions are 60-75 minutes and typically held every 2 weeks by telephone, webcam or in person (when/where available).  I offer evening and Saturday sessions to fit around your work schedule. In between sessions, there will be the opportunity to email me with any pressing concerns, insights or to share your successes.  

This programme is run over 3 months which is widely recognised by the Coaching profession as a minimum amount of time to create sustainable, impactful change. Change doesn’t always happen overnight, so you will have the time to reflect, do the work and start to see successes which will build momentum.  Follow-on sessions are also available to keep the momentum and accountability going.



Or spread the cost out with
3 monthly payments of £350

Pay-as-you go coaching sessions available after your initial 3 months



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