Transform Your Life 4

A flexible and personalised One-to-One Coaching Programme for those looking to create a deep and lasting change in their life or career and find more joy, peace and prosperity. You can focus on any of your goals such as better work life balance, becoming self-employed or deepening your spiritual connection. These practical and holistic sessions will bring you into full alignment with your true self and equip you with the tools you need to transform your life. 


✓ Gain clarity on what you want from life and how to get it

✓ Create new focus, motivation and momentum for your goal

✓ Learn new holistic tools and practices to support your growth

✓  Let go of any blocks and limitations so you can stop feeling stuck

✓ Feel more aligned with your true self and what’s important to you

✓  Discover new insights to old problems so you can start moving past them

✓  Begin forming new habits so you can create a healthier and happier life

✓  Feel more confident in yourself so you can start realising your true potential


Work Life Balance
Money Mindset
Imposter Syndrome
Limiting Beliefs
Law of Attraction
Life Purpose
Identity & Ego


Coaching Sessions

You get 2 x 60 min coaching sessions each month focused on your goals, blocks and any of the topics above plus a check-in on your actions and learnings.

Work Life Assessment

We begin with an Assessment across 10 different life areas to bring us full awareness on your situation and a platform to set goals and create change.

Personalised Plan

After your Assessment, we create your Coaching Plan and a clear goal so you can monitor your progress, stay on track and get focussed results.

Email support

You have unlimited email support so you can message me in between sessions if you need support or you want to share some thoughts or insights.

Tools & Worksheets

Tried-and-tested tools and exercises will guide your sessions and homework, giving you fresh insights, helping structure your thoughts and take action.

Session Notes

A summary of your coaching actions will be sent to you at the end of each session to bring you accountability and help you maintain focus on your goals.​

Coaching Portal

Access to a shared portal with a range of coaching resources, your session notes and your coaching schedule to help you maintain focus on your goal.

Accountability Check-in

In between each session, you'll get an accountability check-in message from me to see how you're getting on and to prompt you to take any agreed actions.

Personal Journal

You'll receive a lovely new journal to start afresh and capture all your thoughts, feelings and insights gained on your coaching journey and beyond.


Coaching sessions are typically 60 minutes long and held every 2 weeks by telephone, webcam or in person (when/where available).  I offer evening sessions to fit around your work schedule. In between sessions, there will be the opportunity to email me with any pressing concerns, insights or to share your successes.  Please note that all sessions are currently being held via webcam or telephone.

My approach uses a combination of mindset and practical tools, together with intuition and curiosity to bring you results which last.  I follow the Co-Active Coaching model which means I treat you as a capable, whole person and focus on the inter-connectedness of each area of your life. 

This programme has a 3 month minimum to give you the breathing space to create sustainable, impactful change. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but over 3 months you will have the time to reflect, do the work and start to see successes which will build momentum. At the end of the programme, we review the progress you have made and you then decide whether you’d like to continue, take a break or finish coaching. I have clients who get everything they need within 3 months and others have continued to benefit from the coaching relationship for 6 months, 12 months and beyond.



£850 one-off payment
(3 month programme)
(3 month minimum)


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