Find balance. Feel fulfilled. Love your work.

The Work Happy Blueprint is an holistic 8 Step Coaching Programme designed to bring you back to balance and find more fulfilment from your work whether you’re looking to start something new or just feel happier where you are now.

This programme is for you if you FEEL...








Burnt out


Scared to take a leap forward


 ✓  Discover how balanced and fulfilled you truly are so you can have total clarity about your situation and the opportunities for change

 ✓  Identify and release the limiting beliefs and things that hold you back so you can start to let go and create the space for a new future

 ✓  Uncover your deepest values so you can increase your motivation, re-align your life and make life or career decisions with more confidence

 ✓  Inventory your skills, strengths and successes so you can build belief in yourself and bring clarity to what work will make you happiest

 ✓  Pinpoint what your ideal work looks like so you can feel more focussed and more confident about changing jobs or staying where you are

 ✓  Set some clear and achievable goals and action steps so you can become unstuck, stop feeling overwhelmed and start moving forward 

 ✓  Reconnect with what lights you up and nurtures you so you can restore a sense of balance and sustain your new working future

 ✓  Discover new ways to harness your own inner power to become an attracting force for your new future

The Work Happy Blueprint 2


Discovery Session

An initial 90 minute session for Step 1 to fully awaken and bring total clarity to your situation so you can hit the ground running.

1-1 Coaching Sessions

You then get 7 x 60 minute coaching sessions each focussed on the other steps in the Blueprint plus a 30 minute review at the end.

Coaching Workbook

At the heart of the Blueprint is a series of powerful coaching exercises which you receive as part of your Coaching Workbook.

Email support

You can email me in between sessions if anything comes up or you just feel like sharing some thoughts or insights.

Online Coaching Hub

Your own portal for session notes, action lists, worksheets and your coaching schedule to help you maintain focus on your goals.

Welcome Gift

You'll receive a little thank you present from me to welcome you to coaching and to get you started on your journey.



Coaching sessions are typically held over the phone every 2 weeks.  Every session involves an activity (guided by me) and a set of actions for you to commit to for the following session.  In between sessions, there will be the opportunity to email me with any pressing concerns or questions.  

The Programme is structured but does allow for an element of fluidity, to ensure that we are working in the moment and addressing whatever comes up for you in session or in between session. We kick things off with a 90 minute Discovery Session which gives us both plenty of insights as to where you are and where you want to get to and establishes our working relationship for the Programme.  We end the Programme with a 30 minute review to reflect on your learnings and your Blueprint so you can feel confident to move forward.

My approach uses a combination of mindset and practical tools, together with intuition and curiosity to bring you results which last.  I follow the Co-Active Coaching model which means I treat you as a capable, whole person and focus on the inter-connectedness of each area of your life. 

This programme will take from 8 weeks to 4 months to complete, depending on how quickly you want to see changes and how much time you have to invest into the Programme.  For any needs beyond the scope of this Programme, I have monthly coaching plans so you can stay on track with your goals and maintain the momentum and accountability.


In Person Sessions
(Manchester/Sheffield areas)
£1050 one-off payment*

Webcam or Telephone Sessions
£850 one-off payment*

*Payment plan available

Debit and credit cards accepted


Find out how balanced and fulfilled you are with this quick quiz. Once you've got your score, click below to find out what it might mean for you.

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