Signature Coaching Programmes

My Signature Coaching Programmes are designed to assist you whatever stage of your career or entrepreneurial life you are at – whether you’re contemplating a leap out of your current situation so you can start following a new path, desperate to find more happiness in your current job or ready to set up or grow your own business.  

Life Coaching

Work Life Balance

Restore Your
Work Life Balance

Having a good work life balance is key to a happy and healthy life. When we are out of balance, we lose perspective and everything can suffer. This Programme gets to the root of the problem and brings you back to a place of balance and vitality.

Manage Your Time

Increase your productivity and reduce overwhelm and procrastination. Whether you’re in a demanding job, juggling lots of priorities at home or planning for an event or life change, learn the tools and develop the mindset you need to you can achieve your goals.

Career Coaching


Find Work
That You Love

This Career Coaching Programme is designed to get you in touch with that inner voice telling you to do something with more meaning and to give you the courage to take the leap out of your current work or life situation and find happiness through your work.

Creative Coaching

Launch & Grow Your
Creative Business

Get your creative business off the ground or take it to the next level with this Creative Coaching Programme. Feel less overwhelmed and more confident and discover new ways to earn more money, take some stress out and make it sustainable for the future.

If you’d like to discover more or find out which Programme would work best for you, book in a free Coaching Taster.

Flexible Coaching Options

If you’d prefer something a little less structured, I offer more flexible coaching options where you set the agenda and you can have as many sessions as you need.  They are a great way to kick-start your new future and also offer a solid foundation for any of the Coaching Programmes.

Flexi Coaching Pack
(3 x 60 minutes)

A block of 3 coaching sessions to focus on whatever you need and to use whenever you need, ideal for dipping your toe in the water with coaching or when you want to find some quick clarity or focus and start taking action. You can take out further sessions if you want to continue coaching.

Investment £295

Power Session
(1 x 90 minutes)

A one-off intense burst of coaching, ideal for when you need support with a decision or challenge or to prepare you for an upcoming event.

Investment £150

Interested in Coaching for your Business or Group?

All of my Coaching Programmes lend themselves well to be delivered as a Group Coaching Programme in both private and public sector organisations such as Creative Studios and Universities.  Content and delivery style can be tailored to suit the needs of your group.  For information on rates and availability, just email me or schedule a no-obligation chat.