Purpose: The Spiritual Coaching Foundations #7


Purpose and the discovery of a deeper reason for being has become a very real need for more and more people over the past few years. I have witnessed from my clients a rising discontent surrounding many of the things which were once deemed to bring happiness and fulfilment. Here we take a look at purpose - what it means, why it matters and how to go about discovering it.

Purpose: What is it?

Purpose is about having a reason for being and a sense of connection to why you doing something. Having a reason for being is one of the most profound needs we have as humans.  And the events of the past few years have only served to exacerbate this need for many.  

Some people are born with a clear and obvious purpose.  Some find it as they move through their career.  Whilst others feel like it’s something that only other people can attain and they wonder if it’s ever possible for them.  

I believe that we are all born with a purpose.  

That doesn’t mean that we all need to aspire to become Prime Minister, stop climate change or teach disadvantaged children in the developing world. It means that, in our own way, in our own little corner of the world, we can do our bit to champion whatever we believe in – both through our work and also through our day-to-day life.  Be that uplifting others with our sense of humour, encouraging others to be more loving and forgiving or bringing others together so they feel less alone and more connected.

Whilst discussions about purpose are typically centred around what you do for a living, in my coaching programmes, I look at a much broader definition of purpose.  Although a career-related purpose is hugely important (and central to my own mission), I also believe that there are opportunities for us to live out our purpose every single day, if we shift our mindset and broaden our definition of purpose. 

These are the 3 types of purpose which I explore:

  1. Higher Purpose – awakening to your true spiritual nature and being a channel for the Universe
  2. Life Purpose – how you can bring more light and love into everyday life and interactions
  3. Career Purpose – aligning your work with your True Self, your gifts, your values and your callings
I see all 3 types of purpose as both necessary and interconnected.  Living in alignment with your Higher Purpose will unlock the door to your Life Purpose which, in turn will open the space for your Career Purpose to emerge.

Purpose: Why does it matter?

When there is a sense of purpose in your life, it transforms everything:

It creates an innate motivation that stops you procrastinating and moves you into action. 

It enables a deeper feeling of fulfilment where you go to bed feeling satisfied and content.

It brings with it the courage to make changes and to keep going through any challenges or fears.

Instead of drifting through life, you start showing up, contributing and making a difference

It makes you feel more joyful, content and happier inside. 

The positive impact will be felt by your friends and family, clients and colleagues.

Purpose: How I discovered mine

My purpose came to me through my intuition whilst stood on a beach in Norfolk back in 2015, age 41.  It was a very clear message from the Universe I received that I needed to re-train as a Life Coach.  In that moment everything made total sense.  

Preceding that moment was a lifetime of studying in the world of personal development and spirituality.  I just hadn’t connected the dots.  It was so obvious when I looked back.  My skills and strengths, my passion and my values all aligned perfectly.  In a sense, I had already been living out my Life Purpose doing some coaching in a voluntary capacity for an old colleague.  I believe this opened me up to the emergence of my Career Purpose. 

I didn’t follow a particular route or method.  It all happened quite organically.  This however gave me the motivation to create the coaching programmes and the tools I now share with clients so that they do have a proper roadmap and a shortcut which I didn’t have.

Of course, my purpose has not remained static as my coaching business now looks quite different to the one I started out with.  I have been on a continuous journey of aligning more and more to my true purpose – which I believe I am now living, as a Spiritual Career Coach. 

More recently, I have spent some time connecting with my Higher Purpose through meditation, mindfulness and less focus on ‘doing’ and more focus on ‘being’.  It has been a deeply rewarding time as I feel I have gone through yet another awakening, which in turn is now having a felt impact on both my Life Purpose and Career Purpose.  

5 Ways to Align with Your Purpose

In a sense, this is less about discovering your purpose and more about aligning with your purpose.  What this means is that your purpose already exists within you. It is not something you need to go searching for on the outside. This also means getting really clear on who you are and what’s important to you and then aligning your work with that (and removing any blocks or resistance which could stop you).

Here are some ways I recommend to help you align with your purpose:

1. Listen to your intuition

Ask the Universe for support in finding your purpose and then listen out for the guidance you are given through your intuition.  This could be an inner pull towards exploring something or that feeling in your gut that you need to speak to someone.

2. Get to know your True Self

Spend some time reflecting on what you are truly about – what makes you tick. Maybe there is a part of you which you would love to reconnect with?  Also spend time meditating so you can connect with your deeper identity – your spirit, your soul.

3. Look for purpose every day

Don’t wait until you’ve made a career change 3 years from now to experience living your purpose.  Look for simple ways every single day where you can live in connection with your True Self and start making a difference in the world.

4. Recognise your gifts and talents

Get really clear on what you are naturally good at, what your skills and strengths are. What you lose yourself in doing.  What would some of your friends or colleagues say about you?  What is your real superpower?  This is no place for modesty!  

5. Create the space and be patient

Finding your purpose can take time.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to find it by a certain date.  Instead, create the space (physically, energetically and time-wise) to open up to it and let the clarity emerge.  Be patient and trust in the timing of your own unique path.

I hope you have found this look at purpose helpful and will give some of these tips a go. It really is so life-changing to recognise and align with your purpose. any time and effort you put into it you will be well rewarded with the gift of fulfilment and deep joy. but also remember that you already have a purpose just by being here on earth at this time!

here's to you Living your purpose...


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