Reimagining Your 2021

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Imagine it’s New Year’s Eve 2021 and you’re chatting with your friends and family about the year that’s just gone. What do you want to be saying? How do you want to be feeling? In this article, I share with you some ideas and techniques to shed some light on what you want and how you can go about making it a reality.

I’ve also created a workbook for you to download and use as a guide to channel your thoughts and reflections.

Getting Clear on What You Want in 2021

The energy of the new year can be really transformative. It’s our chance to wipe the slate clean (after we’ve Reviewed and Released our 2020).  And to start setting our intention for what we want to create and how we want to be during the year ahead. Clarity is a wonderful thing (and also one of the main reasons people come to coaching!) How clear would you say you are right now about what you want to create in 2021?  If you’re not that clear, then here are some topics to get you started and help break it down: 



What for you is the number one priority in 2021? What one area of your life would you like to make a change to more than any other?  With every new client, I always start with a Work Life Assessment where we look at 10 key life categories:

  1. Physical Wellbeing 
  2. Mental Wellbeing
  3. Spiritual Wellbeing
  4. Career
  5. Relationships
  6. Fun & Leisure
  7. Prosperity
  8. Personal Growth
  9. Home
  10. Time Management

Which of those are you feeling drawn to prioritising the most?  What specific, measurable change would you like to see in that area of your life by the end of 2021?  Do you want to be able to run a 10k?  Or to be spending more time with your friends?  Or maybe stop your habit of procrastinating or have started a fulfilling new job?

For me, my spiritual wellbeing is my top priority. My intention is to spend more time ‘being’ and living in the present moment and deepening my connection to nature.  


What are you feeling called to do or be in 2021?  What inner voice or yearning have you maybe been pushing down that you want to finally give a platform to?  Are you feeling called to bring in more meaning and purpose into your life?  To truly connect with why you are here on earth?  

If you aren’t totally sure what your calling might be but you have a sense of there being something else you should be doing, then I recommend you spend some quiet time connecting with your intuition and listening to that voice which knows where you need to go and what change you need to create. This can be through meditation or on a walk in nature or even whilst having a relaxing soak in the bath. 



Are you keen to find a better balance in your life in 2021?  Or perhaps to continue with the newfound balance which you discovered in 2020?  There are a couple of different ways you can consider balance. There is the balance which comes from evening out the amount of time and energy you place on each of the 10 life areas above. So, for example, spending more time with friends and family in the evenings and a little less time working.  

Or, you can consider it from a perspective of ‘doing’ versus ‘being’. Balance can be brought about by spending a little more time ‘being’ through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, walks in nature or simply bringing your awareness to the present moment and giving your thinking mind a rest. And to place less emphasis on the importance of ‘doing’ – checking things off your To Do List and measuring your achievement at the end of the day by how much you’ve got done (even at the expense of your physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing).  

Work Life Balance in 2021

How You Can Make it Happen

Once you feel clear on what you want to have happen in 2021, then here are a few ways you can turn your attention to making it happen:



Rather than making a new year’s resolution , I recommend setting a new year’s intention. An intention has a more positive and powerful energy behind it and also enables us to connect to the Universe for support when we ‘put it out there’. It is the starting point of change and finding your purpose; a guiding principle for how you want to be, live, and show up in the world. It’s a path you aim to align to. For instance, an intention to find work with purpose, which lights you up. Or an intention to align your life to what truly matters to you; your values (such as freedom, creativity, inner peace).

What is your intention for 2021?



Manifestation is the process of bringing something you want into being through your thoughts, your state of consciousness and your ability to attract. It’s about recognising the power that you hold to become a creator of your own reality. There are a few different ways you can do this:

• Checking in on your thoughts surrounding what you want and making sure they are positive

• Letting go of any limiting beliefs about making something happen (and replacing them with empowering beliefs)

• Raising the energy and vibration you give off (through, for example, the practice of gratitude, using essential oils or spending time in nature)

• Trusting and letting go of the outcome – try not to stress about if and when the thing you want to happen will come about as this can take you out of a calmer state of being and lower your vibration. Connect with your Higher Self or the Universe and trust that whatever comes about will be for your highest good.



Imagining what you want to have happen through visualisation is a proven technique which can really give your aims for 2021 some colour and texture and provide extra motivation. Rather than just seeing your intentions for 2021 written down on a piece of paper, I recommend that you spend a little time picturing yourself in different scenarios related to your intention. So, perhaps imagining a typical work day and the people you might be helping, or spending time in the evenings with your family, enjoying reading or doing something creative. And also, really connecting with the feeling that you want to experience, such as fulfilment, contentment or excitement.

There are a couple of simple ways you can do this:

1. Through meditation – giving yourself a little time and space to get quiet, close your eyes and picture those different scenarios and connect with those feelings.

2. Creating a vision board – a collage of images and phrases which depict your new life in 2021 which you look at on a daily basis to connect you with your aims. I recommend Canva to help you with this or you can use photographs or images in magazines.

Create a Vision Board

Free Workshop For a Positive Mindset in 2021

Well, I do hope that this helps you in getting some clarity on your aims and making it feel a lot more possible! 

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Here’s to the reimagining of your 2021 and to a much lighter and brighter year ahead…



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