6 Spiritual Ways to Feel Calm, Connected & Hopeful in Challenging Times

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To anyone reading this, I wish you peace, resilience and hope for these unprecedented times we are living in. My heart goes out to everyone who is affected by this situation. Especially those feeling extreme fear, anxiety and panic and for anyone with any new or ongoing health issues.  To all who are on the frontline in the hospitals, pharmacies, care homes and supermarkets.  To the parents juggling the demands of home-schooling with their own priorities and the young people who have had their educational year cut short.  And to those who are choosing to support the most vulnerable with their acts of kindness.  It is truly heart-warming to see the human spirit shine through the darkness in such a way. 

I would like to share here 6 spiritual tools and ideas on how we can navigate the world we currently find ourselves in and make the most of this new reality. 

But firstly, I would like to share with you what I believe this situation is showing us:

We are all connected

It is time for the earth to have a rest from human activity

To be appreciative of the simple things in life

A new perspective on what is truly important

The gift of time to find true and lasting inner peace

Human connection is everything

How amazing humans can be

An opportunity to connect more deeply within

Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, American Writer

1. Call in Acceptance and Trust

One of the first things I was drawn to doing when this situation hit, once I had gotten over my initial (and thankfully brief) wave of shock and panic, was to call in the energy of acceptance. It’s something which, through recent personal loss, has now become more instinctive for me. Acceptance is not a passive state but an active one and has a subtle but powerful energy vibration which flows into us and into the things we do. This can provide a profound sense of inner peace. 

What better opportunity or need to become more familiar with the state of acceptance than now, when so much of this situation is out of our control. This acceptance can extend out to the new circumstances we find ourselves in – perhaps having to home-school our children, cancel our long-cherished plans, create new routines or losing our livelihood for the coming months. Instead of resisting these changes (which drains us of our energy), we are then able to use that energy in positive and constructive ways – both practically and spiritually – to build a new future. 

Trust is another powerful state of being which we can call on to support us during these times. Trust both in ourselves (that we have the ability to handle this situation, whatever happens) and in a higher force supporting us. When you are next meditating or when you find yourself feeling anxious or angry about the situation, see how it feels to call in these two states of being.

2. Strengthen your connection

It has been through personal loss and disillusionment that my spiritual connection was initially formed and has since been strengthened. I am truly thankful to those difficult times for giving me the impetus to search for that safe harbour, that eternal peace, guidance and protection which only spiritual connection can bring. 

If you are already on a spiritual path, how are you drawing on it at this time? How can you call on your Higher Self more to support you during this time? What advice would your older/wiser self give you to help you navigate what you’re experiencing? And if you aren’t on a spiritual path but have been curious about it or drawn to it, then I hope that you are able to find that connection through what is happening. And I hope that the tools and practices I share can perhaps open you up further to your spiritual nature and the support which is out there waiting for you.

3. Raise your vibration

Fear is the lowest vibration there is. When we are in this low vibration state, it is hard to attract what we want. When we are conscious of our vibration and we make changes to raise it, we will feel different and opportunities and solutions will be attracted to us. What things feed into your fears? Next time you watch or read the news or get sucked into social media discussion about what’s happening, I recommend you just become aware of how it’s making you feel and whether your energy feels heavy or light. 

What things can you do where there is a lightness of being and a feeling of joy when you’re doing them? Do you have a favourite piece of music that can shift your energy in an instant? Do you feel better when you are out in nature? Or maybe painting or drawing? Try and find some time to do these things (without feeling guilty – which is also very low vibration!)  By the way, I am purposely choosing not to use the virus ‘C’ word as I believe it gives out a negative vibration!

Fishing Lake

4. Ground yourself in nature

I have a little fishing lake near my house where I go to on a daily basis. Water has long been a powerful and therapeutic symbol for me and to me this lake now represents the calm epicentre; the eye of the storm. It’s a place of sanctuary where I can go to not just physically but also from a place within. I also love the symbolism of the tree in how it teaches us to remain grounded through our roots in order to stay strong in all weathers and also how we can reach up to heaven for energy and light. 

Everything I see on my walks reminds me of the cyclical nature of life and how there is a natural ebb and flow we can either accept or resist. There is also a small stream where I often picture myself on a lilo with a pina colada, floating effortlessly downstream without any resistance, trusting in the flow of life. And nature also reminds me of the natural abundance of the Universe and that everything has a season. How can you draw strength next time you are out in nature?

5. Be a healing support for others

Beyond the limited practical support we can offer to others close to us, we might feel helpless in the face of this powerful virus. But there are things we can do even if we are not able to be with those we care about or want to help. Spending time in prayer or meditation with the intention of sending positive, healing vibrations to others can have a significant impact. When people come together on mass to pray or meditate, it’s truly miraculous what can happen. This could be seen when millions asked for rain to combat the bushfires in Australia. 

We can all be a channel for positivity and draw on the healing power of the Universe which we can direct to others in the form of healing or protection. Simply imagine yourself as a clear channel where the healing force of the Universe comes through you and imagine the person or people you want to help with a beautiful golden light around them, looking and feeling radiant and healthy.

Whenever you act out of present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love – even the most simple action.

Eckhart Tolle

6. Become more present

For me, this is the biggest opportunity of them all. Not just for me, but for the whole of humanity. The world has largely been put on pause. There is less ‘doing’ than there has ever been. This signals an opportunity for more ‘being’. By that I mean the simple but profound act of being present in each moment. To experience a deeper connection with ourselves and with our surroundings and the people we are sharing our isolation spaces with. To find pure inner peace and joy in simple activities such as going for walks, cooking, cleaning or relaxing on the sofa. Through becoming more present, we remove the obsessive thinking associated with time which means we stop worrying about the future and in the process we then lessen our anxiety. We let each day unfold and find the peace that comes with that.

Download your free mindfulness worksheet and start finding more peace today!

I do hope that you have found at least one useful thing from this article which will support you in moving through this current reality. Wishing you the peace, connection and trust to see you through this challenging time. 

Love and light, 

Rebecca x


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