Career Coaching

Career Coaching enables you to enjoy more purpose and fulfilment from your work, create a healthier balance in your working life and reach your highest potential.

If you’re looking for a traditional Career Coach who spends time with you on your CV, practising interviews or suggesting a list of jobs, then I’m probably not the right Career Coach for you! However, if you want to find a way to scratch your itch, to leave your cage and fly, to stop existing and start living or to start making more of an impact in the world (and you’re turned off by a corporate approach to career coaching), then please read on!

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching helps you to discover the clarity and confidence which will enable you to reach your true potential (and enjoy the emotional and material rewards which come with that). Whether you’re working for a large corporation, running your own business or currently unemployed and seeking your next role, working with a Career Coach can set you on course to feeling so much more fulfilled and rewarded in your working life.


How are you feeling about your current career situation?

Any of these resonate with you? If so, you don’t have to keep it that way! Change is possible. I too was once stuck in a rut, feeling confused and like I was a round peg in a square hole. I’ve seen with my own eyes how your life can transform once you start believing it’s possible. If you’re prepared to invest some time into yourself, it will reap powerful rewards that mean you’ll be looking forward to each work day and enjoying the knock-on effects which that can have on your relationships and pretty much every other area of your life.

How can a Career Coach help me?


Discover new ways to project yourself, interact with others or hold your own in meetings. Start letting go of Imposter Syndrome so you can reach your potential and feel happier at work. 


Rediscover your skills and strengths and let go of the blocks which hold you back. Create a more positive mindset which will enable you to make a career change, go for a promotion or set up your own business.


Explore how you can feel more fulfilled in your current role or what other work might bring you more of a sense of purpose. Start making more of an impact in the world and feel more deeply motivated.

Career change

Gain true clarity on whether now is the right time for a career change and how to go about it. Explore what types of roles or organisations are the best fit for you and what other careers align with your values.

Work Life Balance

Create a new focus on your wellbeing and start re-prioritising other areas of your life. Let go of the blocks which have prevented you from having more balance. 


 Start channeling your time and energy on the things which matter. Reduce overwhelm and start taking action. Create a career roadmap or transition plan.


Understand who you truly are so you can stop wearing a mask and start showing up more authentically in your work. Recognise the ego at work and find new ways to transcend it


Uncover any mindset blocks to abundance. Start opening up to the Divine Flow and enjoy more of the prosperity you know you deserve. 

Career Coaching clients I have supported

I’ve supported clients with career coaching from a variety of different career backgrounds:

My career coaching is best suited to people who are mid-career and:

Typical outcomes from working with a Career Coach

 Here are some of the typical outcomes my clients experience from Career Coaching:

My Approach to Career Coaching

I don’t take a conventional approach to career coaching.  I have seen the value in taking a deeper, more holistic approach as a way of creating more profound and lasting change.  What this means is that:

We work on getting the foundations in place first

We uncover the real you – what makes you tick, what moves you and who you are underneath the roles you play. We uproot the mindset blocks that have kept you stuck rather than going straight to the end of the process (such as looking at potential jobs for you to apply for or updating your CV). Unless you sort the root of the problem out, you will just end up repeating the same patterns within your career.

We acknowledge the interconnectedness of your life and career

Your life and your career are intrinsically linked. This is why I often refer to it as your ‘working life’. Often, there are deep rooted beliefs which stem from your broader life experiences – such as how you were raised or life-changing events – which can have an impact on your career in some way.  Similarly, when you find your purpose or start feeling more connected to your work, that happiness can spill over into many other aspects of your life. 

You make decisions from a place of balance and clarity

There can be a lot of stress and emotion involved in our career, especially when we have been triggered to the point of contemplating a change.  Making a knee-jerk decision from a heightened emotional state is less likely to have the desired impact than to come at it from a more measured position. True clarity can only emerge when we are in a calm and peaceful state and give ourselves the gift of time and headspace.

You develop a toolkit of holistic practices and techniques

Recognising the power of practices such as meditation, mindfulness and journaling, we create a daily practice to support your body, mind and spirit on your career transformation journey and restore some balance.  We also create a toolkit of techniques that you can directly apply within your work such as visualisation and breathwork.  There is a regular focus on connecting you with your intuition as the ultimate source of guidance and confidence.

Your career challenge becomes a catalyst to a deeper awakening

Within the container of time and space which career coaching provides, you get the chance to step back and to start to see your current career challenge through a new lens.  To see how this might be moving you away from something which is unaligned and moving you towards something which is for your highest good. Or enabling you to grow in new ways which would have been impossible without the trigger of how your work is making you feel.

career coach online

How Career Coaching works

Career Coaching sessions involve a combination of coaching exercises, working through any blocks and integrating any current work challenges or opportunities so that you have the chance to practice the theory as we work together.  

Each session involves creating actions for you to take in between sessions plus I will share with you some strategies to test out to build your confidence, manage any stress or anxiety and begin creating better balance.  

Accountability, challenge, understanding and a little dose of good humour (where appropriate) all come as standard.

If you’re curious about how (or why) I combine spirituality within career coaching, please read my article below.

Ready to explore the Career Coaching options?

If so, then take a look at my one-to-one programmes and discover how you can use the power of career coaching to transform your current situation.

They have been designed to support you at each stage of your journey – whether you’re ready to discover your true purpose, make a career change or fulfil your potential in your current role.


Where I hold Career Coaching sessions

Career Coaching sessions typically last between 60-75 minutes and are held via Zoom webcam across the UK and Worldwide.

I also offer Face-to-Face sessions in and around Manchester (when available).

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for or have some questions?

If you prefer something a little more personalised then just drop me a line.


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