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Career Coach Manchester for mid-career professionals yearning for greater purpose, balance and fulfilment from their working life.

Career Coach Manchester with a fresh approach

If you’re looking for a conventional Manchester Career Coach who spends time with you on your CV, practising interviews or coming up with a list of job s then I’m probably not the right Career Coach for you!  However, if you want to find a way to scratch an itch, to leave your cage and fly, to stop existing and start living or to start playing bigger and reach for the stars (and to do it in a way that connects you to parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed), then please read on!


Career Coaching Manchester

Hello, I'm Rebecca

Career Coach for people on a spiritual path

I work with people like you who are finally ready to make a career change, launch into a more purpose-led career or business and enjoy a more fulfilling working life. I’ve supported hundreds of people in making the change into a new career or business. I’ve also been a Business Consultant in my days before becoming a Coach as well as setting up and running a couple of small businesses of my own. So I understand first hand the fears and trepidations of taking a leap of faith. But I also know that with a bit of planning and the right mindset, you can make a successful leap into a more fulfilling career.

The benefits of working with a Career Coach Manchester


Discover new ways to project yourself, interact with others or hold your own in meetings. Start letting go of Imposter Syndrome so you can reach your potential and feel happier at work. 


Rediscover your skills and strengths and let go of the blocks which hold you back. Create a more positive mindset which will enable you to make a career change, go for a promotion or set up your own business.


Explore how you can feel more fulfilled in your current role or what other work might bring you more of a sense of purpose. Start making more of an impact in the world and feel more deeply motivated.

Career change

Gain true clarity on whether now is the right time for a career change and how to go about it. Explore what types of roles or organisations are the best fit for you and what other careers align with your values.

Work Life Balance

Create a new focus on your wellbeing and start re-prioritising other areas of your life. Let go of the blocks which have prevented you from having more balance. 


 Start channeling your time and energy on the things which matter. Reduce overwhelm and start taking action. Create a career roadmap or transition plan.


Understand who you truly are so you can stop wearing a mask and start showing up more authentically in your work. Recognise the ego at work and find new ways to transcend it


Uncover any mindset blocks to abundance. Start opening up to the Divine Flow and enjoy more of the prosperity you know you deserve. 

Career Coaching Manchester Programmes I offer

I offer 3 main career coaching programmes which have each been designed for a different stage of your career path journey.  Whether you are wanting to discover your true purpose, needing help making a career change or wanting to reach your highest potential in your current role.  Each 3 month programme provides a holistic balance of practical support with mindset and spiritual tools (such as meditation and intuition), so that you can create a more profound and lasting change. 

Discover more details about each programme (including the investment) by heading to the Programmes page

Ready to explore more about Career Coaching Manchester?

If you’re ready to start taking your dreams seriously and invest into a Career Coach in Manchester then come on 30 minute Coaching Taster Session with me. As well as clarifying your vision, you’ll discover more about coaching, whether we are a good fit to work together plus full details of my Coaching Programmes and next steps on how to get started. 

Where I work as a Career Coach Manchester

My Manchester career coaching support covers clients in Manchester City Centre, Cheshire, Stockport, Cheadle, Wilmslow, Hale, Altrincham and Chorlton.  I hold Manchester Career Coaching sessions in person either in Manchester City Centre (typically the Northern Quarter) or in Gatley/Cheadle I also hold sessions online via Zoom webcam. Session times run from 9am to 8pm.

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Discover the 8 Empowering Beliefs that will bring you clarity, calm and confidence when considering your next career move.

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