Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching brings you the clarity, belief and motivation needed to make a living from your talent and share more of your magic with the world.

Creative Coaching is for new and existing creatives who are...

Eager to find fulfilment through their talent

Ready to turn their hobby into a business

Scared to take the leap out of their current career

Desperate to start earning more money from their creative business

Keen to re-discover their creative mojo

Wanting to take their creative business to the next level

Feeling stressed and lonely and in need of support

Watch the film and see how Creative Coaching could help you

Three vital ingredients from Creative Coaching to transform your creative business:


Become clear on what you want from your creativity, how to channel it effectively and make more of an impact in the world.


Feel empowered to trust in yourself and build confidence in your creative ability and how to manifest your goals.


Discover a deep source of motivation and connection to purpose, stop procrastinating and move into action.

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My approach to Creative Coaching

 Through Creative Coaching, I help Creative Entrepreneurs build their business. Whether you’re just at the stage of contemplating a leap into a creative field or already have an established creative business. Creative Coaching can provide you with the confidence, clarity and know-how with which to become a successful Creative Entrepreneur.  

I use an intuitive blend of mindset and practical tools as a faster and more sustainable way towards achieving personal and professional goals. It’s a combination which helps you sustain things yourself for the long term. This ultimately earns you more and saves you precious time and money for other things (like creating and selling your wares!)

I draw on experience from setting up a creative business and my career as a Buyer for the likes of Sainsbury’s, Boots and boutique shops. So I can give you some insights from the other side of the fence!  I’ve worked with many Creatives throughout my career. And I’ve discovered how my left-brain approach compliments the right-brain approach of a typical Creative.


1  Envision exactly what you want and set your intention so you can have true clarity and motivation to move forward

2  Establish some clear, actionable goals to work towards and be accountable for so you can ensure you stay on track and celebrate your successes along the way

3  Let go of any limiting fears, beliefs or obstacles so that you can build your new business with freedom and a feeling of spaciousness 

4  Establish who your target customer is so that you can have clarity and focus throughout your business 

5  Develop your product or service offer in order to maximise its appeal to your target customer

6  Position your brand so that you stand out in the marketplace and communicate your authenticity

7  Instil an entrepreneurial mindset so you can feel more confident and have more self-belief 

8  Instil a money mindset and set the prices for your products or services so that you can feel comfortable maximising your income  

9  Prepare yourself to start selling your product or service so that you feel more confident 

Creative Coaching Programmes for Creative Entrepreneurs

I have two main coaching programmes which can support you on your creative journey.  If you are contemplating setting up your own creative business, but you’re feeling out of your depth or overwhelmed, Energise Your Business has been designed just for you. This is a structured 8 session programme which covers all bases and combines mindset and practical support.

Or, if you already have a creative business and you’re looking to take it to the next level or reconnect with your creativity, then Fulfil Your Potential is the programme to support you. Here I can create you a more bespoke programme of Creative Coaching which targets a particular area where you need most support. 

Just book in a free Coaching Taster Session where we can chat through your individual needs and come up with a personalised plan.

Make a living doing what you love!

As part of the Kitchen Table Talent series, Country Living launched a new book Turn Your Hobby Into A Business Volume II: Finding Your Confidence. I was asked to share my thoughts and client success stories on a number of topics ranging from ‘Beating Imposter Syndrome’ through to ‘Gathering What You Need to Get Started’. You can read about these in my Blog and a whole host of other useful topics which will help you build your confidence as you turn your hobby into a business.


Creative Coach Rebecca Kirk

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a Spiritual Career & Business Coach dedicated to enabling people to find happiness through their work and make a living doing what they love. She has first hand knowledge of what it takes to run a successful creative business. Rebecca’s holistic approach allows creative entrepreneurs to make profound shifts so they can bring more of their magic to the world.



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