Life Coaching

Life Coaching brings you the clarity, motivation, belief and accountability you need to live your happiest, healthiest and most prosperous life.

What is Life Coaching?

What situations can Life Coaching support you with?

What are the main benefits of Life Coaching?


Experience a new feeling of wellbeing – physically, mentally and spiritually. Learn how to create balance and put boundaries in place which protect your wellbeing.


Feel much clearer on what you want from your life, why you are feeling stuck and how you can find the happiness or success you are searching for.


Reconnect with who you truly are underneath the roles you play. Start showing up more authentically in your life and re-align  with your True Self.


Welcome in a new level of prosperity which goes beyond just money and includes time, love and experiences. Open up to the flow of abundance in your life.


Develop your inner confidence and build the courage to make life changes. Release any blocks or old thought patterns which have kept you stuck or playing small.


Find new ways to manage your time and create space for your priorities. Reduce feelings of overwhelm and increase your effectiveness in and out of work.


Understand your life purpose at a deeper level so you can start making more of an impact in the world and feel more deeply motivated.


Stop procrastinating and start taking action. Get some momentum going to move you out of your head and into making positive change.

Life Coaching clients I have supported

I’ve supported clients with life coaching from a variety of different backgrounds:

Typical outcomes from working with a Life Coach

Here are some of the typical outcomes my clients experience from Life Coaching:

My Approach to Life Coaching

In my experience, it is vital to take a holistic approach to life coaching in order for you to create a significant and lasting change. This means ensuring your body, mind and spirit are all working in harmony towards your goals. It also means bringing awareness to how an imbalance in one can lead to an imbalance in the other.


Supporting you in optimising your physical health and reducing stress through exercise and fitness, sleep, energy, diet, healing, rest and relaxation.


Guiding you towards greater clarity, motivation and self-belief, developing a positive mindset and letting go of all limitations and self-critical thoughts.


Enabling you to tap into your Higher Self, your intuition, awareness of your energy and vibration, understanding life purpose and inner peace.

Spirituality in Life Coaching

Spirituality in Coaching simply means connecting you to your Higher Self for permanent positive change. Because your Higher Self has all the answers and, when connected to it, you are in a state of the highest frequency which is love. And with that love connection you get access to root causes of challenges in a way that you can finally get rid of limiting patterns and discover innovative solutions to your goals. You then find yourself in a state of no limitations.

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My approach is both practical and spiritual

I focus on connecting deeply with clients and receiving higher guidance on how best to support them. I also ensure we keep our feet on the ground through practical steps and regular reality checks!

Spiritual Life Coaching

How I work as a Life Coach

I believe everyone has it within themselves to transform their life. As a Life Coach I come to the partnership as a facilitator, someone to challenge, to inspire, to empathise and to hold you to account. 

I work in a structured way but I also allow for the coaching process to flow and to go where it’s needed to get the best results. 

Where appropriate (and with your permission), I draw on my own personal life experiences and the tools and resources I use to keep myself motivated, focussed and moving forward. 

I am always keen to develop a connection with my clients, and to provide them with a confidential space for them to open up and share their deepest fears and dreams. My love of yoga, meditation and personal development is a constant source of inspiration for me.

I don’t tell you what to do. I support, encourage, challenge and motivate you to find the answers inside you. And to connect with that part of you that knows whether something rings true for you or not.

I have my own Coach and so I experience the amazing benefits of coaching first hand. It keeps me on the straight and narrow and gives me ideas for ways to constantly improve the coaching I give to my clients.

Where I hold Life Coaching sessions?

I hold sessions via Zoom webcam within the UK and Internationally. 

For clients who prefer to work face-to-face I offer a number of in-person sessions in and around the Manchester and Sheffield regions. For more information on face-to-face sessions in the Manchester and Sheffield regions, please click below.

Other coaching areas

My coaching work also has a strong focus on Spiritual CoachingCareer Coaching and Creative Coaching

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