Life Coaching Manchester

Life Coaching Manchester for mid-career professionals yearning for greater purpose, balance and fulfilment from their working life.

Life Coaching Manchester is for people who are ready for a change in their life and are open to going deeper than the surface of things. I take a holistic approach in order for you to create a significant and lasting transformation. This means ensuring your body, mind and spirit are all working in harmony towards your goals. It also means bringing awareness to how an imbalance in one can lead to an imbalance in the other.

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Hello, I'm Rebecca

I work with women and men who are ready to create more fulfilment, balance or prosperity in their working life. I’ve worked with people from a range of backgrounds: artists, musicians, lawyers, nurses, accountants, authors, photographers, marketeers, yoga teachers and healers to name but a few.

The common thread which unites them all is a deep-seated desire for greater peace, greater self-expression, greater health, greater abundance, greater fulfilment and greater belief in themselves. Plus an open-mindedness in how they achieve that. 


Finding more purpose, connection and meaning from life

Improving your work life balance

Re-prioritising what’s important to you and managing your time more effectively

Building confidence and taking advantage of a life or career opportunity 

Developing and nurturing your creative talent


I offer a number of face-to-face Life Coaching in Manchester City Centre and Cheadle (serving Hale, Wilmslow, Altrincham, Chorlton, Cheadle, Gatley and Stockport).

I also offer Life Coaching Manchester sessions via Zoom webcam which fit around your work schedule. This includes evening sessions.



Clarity on what you want and how to get it

Being aligned to what’s most important to you

Confidence to move through your crossroads

Improved wellbeing and balance

An improved relationship with money

Greater self-trust and belief

Attracting new work opportunities 

New ways to accept and navigate fear

Feeling re-energised and motivated

Courage to take leaps of faith

Stop playing small and start playing big

Living a more purposeful life

Greater creative self-expression

Less overwhelm and more focussed action

Shining your light instead of hiding it 

Feeling more grounded

A greater ease and flow to life

Doing more of what brings you joy

Discover some Life Coaching techniques

If you’d like to start making some immediate changes and test the water with a little bit of self-coaching, I have shared some of my favourite Life Coaching techniques in an article I wrote for the online magazine.

Ready to explore more about Life Coaching Manchester?

If you’re ready to start taking your dreams seriously and invest into a Life Coach in Manchester then come on a 30 minute Coaching Taster Session with me. As well as clarifying your vision, you’ll discover more about coaching, whether we are a good fit to work together plus full details of my Coaching Programmes and next steps on how to get started. 

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for or have some questions?

Drop me a line and I’ll help you get the information you need to see whether you want to take things any further.


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