Spiritual Life Coaching is about developing a deep connection to both your inner world and to something much larger than yourself.

spiritual life coaching

Do you feel like there must be more to life than your current physical reality?

And are you ready to find more joy, more freedom, more meaning, more connection?

Have you been searching for support to develop your spiritual side?

Is Spiritual Life Coaching for me?

You may be just at the start of your spiritual journey and feel curious about exploring this side to yourself. Or you may already consider yourself to be very spiritual and have a regular practice. So the thing which connects everyone is the basic human desire for greater joy, freedom, meaning and connection. And whatever stage we are at on our spiritual journey.  With Spiritual Life Coaching I meet you wherever you are. Because there is always something to learn.  And always an opportunity to keep evolving.  

I am trained in this area as an Accredited Transpersonal Coach.  However, I do also acknowledge that this is a never-ending journey and that we can always learn more!

Most importantly, you are welcome to bring whatever definition of that higher force you have (including none at all!)  So some call it God, some call it the Universe, some just know it as a loving presence or an energy. Above all, they are all valid and there is no judgement or forcing you down a particular path.

What topics does Spiritual Life Coaching cover?

Spiritual Life Coaching is an approach which combines aspects of coaching such as goal setting and action planning with a focus on the following:

Inner peace

Ego and Identity

Inner purpose and
outer purpose

Discovering and moving through blocks

Going with the flow
Becoming more conscious

Staying Grounded

Accessing Inner Wisdom

Developing intuition

Connecting with your Higher Self
Letting go and forgiving

Using the Law of Attraction

Raising your Vibration

Coming into alignment with your true self

Harnessing your energy

How can Spiritual Life Coaching support me?

Spiritual Life Coaching can support you in many ways so that you can:

  • Discover new ways to find joy, freedom, connection and meaning
  • Uncover deep blockages that are preventing you from moving forward
  • Access your own ability to heal (emotionally and physically)
  • Learn how to become a powerful attracting force for what you want
  • Create a deeper feeling of calm and trust in yourself and in life
  • Improve your relationships with others and the world at large
  • Develop a sense of wholeness and feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • Increase your self-worth and have more belief in yourself and your own abilities
  • Pay attention to your most cherished values and dreams and live your life purpose

Spirituality in Coaching

Spirituality in Coaching simply means connecting you to your Higher Self for permanent positive change. Because your Higher Self has all the answers and, when connected to it, you are in a state of the highest frequency which is love. And with that love connection you get access to root causes of challenges in a way that you can finally get rid of limiting patterns and discover innovative solutions to your goals. You then find yourself in a state of no limitations.

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How does Spiritual Life Coaching work?

Spiritual Life Coaching can be experienced either as a programme of coaching where we focus purely on your spiritual growth. Or alternatively, it can be successfully integrated into a Life Coaching or Career Coaching programme. This is often where I see the most profound and lasting transformation. Because life’s challenges can provide a springboard and the motivation to deepen our faith.  So, when you come to coaching with real life issues, it means we have a context and a richness to our sessions. This also gives you a way of measuring your progress in a meaningful way.  Most importantly, we are not just dealing with theory and abstract ideas. We are dealing with real life and grounding spiritual ideas into your everyday.

Some of the Spiritual Coaching techniques and tools which we draw from include:

  • Visualisation 
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Awareness of your energy projection (and of others)
  • Deepening your connection to the Universe / higher force (or whatever definition works for you)
  • Developing your practices (spiritual, mindfulness etc)

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Career Change Through The Guidance Of The Universe

Spiritual Intelligence

So, most of us are aware of what IQ is. That is to say, a measure of our linguistic and conceptual skills. And also, perhaps, Emotional Intelligence. Which encompasses self-awareness, self-management and relationship skills. But there is also something called Spiritual Intelligence. This is a concept developed and championed by Cindy Wigglesworth.

Spiritual Intelligence is a skill which many of the world’s greatest leaders have demonstrated over time.  Moreover, it is a skill which is becoming more recognised as going hand in hand with great leadership. And I have noticed this in my own practice as I am now coaching more leaders in this area. Or those wanting to prepare themselves to take a step up into a leadership role.  So, for those who like a more structured and measurable approach, Spiritual Intelligence and the skills identified by Wigglesworth provide a useful framework.



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