Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching enables you to awaken to your Higher Self and to the Universal Intelligence which surrounds you so that you can live with greater peace, purpose and prosperity.

Is Spiritual Coaching for me?

You may be just at the start of your spiritual journey and feel curious about exploring this side to yourself. Or you may already consider yourself to be very spiritual and have a regular practice. With Spiritual Coaching I meet you wherever you are. Because there is always something to learn.  And always an opportunity to keep evolving.  

You are welcome to bring whatever definition of higher intelligence resonates with you. So, some call it God, some call it the Universe, some just know it as a loving presence or an energy. Above all, they are all valid and there is no judgement or forcing you down a particular spiritual or religious path.

How can Spiritual Coaching support me?

The 8 Spiritual Coaching Foundations

There are 8 foundations to Spiritual Coaching which I draw from in my one-to-one coaching programmes (as part of a personalised coaching plan).  These are the 8 I have used to support me in my own life, career and business and the ones which I have used to help others discover greater peace, purpose and prosperity in theirs. 

Consciously bringing your desires into being through your thoughts, your energy and your inner state of calm.

Raising your vibration so you can become a powerful attracting force for what you want to manifest.

Connecting to the voice of inner wisdom and intuiting the support and guidance from the Universe.

Revealing your True Self and aligning your life and career to who you are beneath the roles you play. 

Releasing any blocks or limiting patterns which are keeping you stuck so you can develop self-belief and trust.

Connecting with the Divine Flow and opening up to receive the prosperity of the Universe.

Recognising your gifts and talents, your callings and how you can make a difference in the world.

Using the power of the present moment to empower your doing and feel a deeper sense of peace.

Spirituality in Coaching

Spirituality in Coaching simply means connecting you to your Higher Self for permanent positive change. Because your Higher Self has all the answers and, when connected to it, you are in a state of the highest frequency which is love. And with that love connection you get access to root causes of challenges in a way that you can finally get rid of limiting patterns and discover innovative solutions to your goals. You then find yourself in a state of no limitations.

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How does Spiritual Coaching work?

Spiritual Coaching can be experienced either as a tailor-made one-to-one programme where we focus purely on your spiritual growth. Or alternatively, it can be integrated as part of one of my signature One-to-One Coaching Programmes. This is often where I see the most profound and lasting transformation. Because life’s challenges can provide a springboard and the motivation to deepen our faith.   

So, when you come to coaching with real life issues, it means we have a context and a richness to our sessions. This also gives you a way of measuring your progress in a meaningful way. Most importantly, we are not just dealing with theory and abstract ideas. We are dealing with real life and grounding spiritual ideas into your everyday.

If you’re curious about how spirituality and career can work together, take a look at the article below

Does Spiritual Coaching resonate with you?

If so, then take a look at my one-to-one programmes and discover how you can use the power of spiritual coaching to transform your current situation. 

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