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Are you ready to stop overworking, striving or doubting yourself and start manifesting more peace, joy and prosperity in your working life?

Are you ready to discover new ways to attract more customers to your purpose-led business and welcome greater joy and prosperity?

My purpose is to enable you to use your career challenge as a catalyst to awaken to your True Self. So you can manifest a more peaceful, purposeful and prosperous working life.

Life Coach Rebecca Kirk

There is a new way to a happier working life

Hello and welcome!

I’m Rebecca. I’m a Spiritual Career Coach specialising in supporting mid-career professionals who are at a crossroads, feeling stuck, out of alignment or searching for greater purpose and balance.

My life and career coaching work has enabled hundreds of clients to awaken their working lives whilst awakening spiritually. Some have simply been curious to start with whilst others have been on a spiritual path for a while.

It is my mission to help you create true and lasting happiness from your work by bringing a more holistic approach to Career Coaching and Business Coaching. This means that your current career or business challenge becomes a catalyst for realising the full potential of your body, mind and spirit.

I work in an intuitive and mindful way, tapping into Universal flow to support clients in a way which respects them as an individual, whatever stage of the journey they are at. I combine this with a structured and practical approach to keep things grounded and results-focussed.

I have been there several times…at a career crossroads, feeling stuck in the corporate world and wanting to escape. Desperate to find my purpose and create more balance in my working life. I know how it feels to be on both sides of the fence. And I know that change is possible.

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