Press & Media

Podcast and radio interviews

I was thrilled to join the lovely Jo Good on her BBC Radio London show ‘Chewing The Fat’. In this episode, together with two other fabulous female guests, we discuss life, love, career and trampettes! Listen here.

Guest writing features

I was delighted to be asked to contribute as one of the coaching experts for Country Living’s Kitchen Table Talent book – ‘Turn Your Hobby into a Business’. I shared my advice and client experiences on the topics of ‘Beating imposter syndrome’, ‘Gathering what you need to get started’ and ‘Planning how your life could look’. Find out more.

I was interviewed for Medium’s Authority magazine on the subject of satisfaction – why so many of us feel unsatisfied and what we might be able to do about it. Authority Magazine is devoted to sharing in-depth, and interesting interviews, featuring people who are authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech.  Read the article.

Workplace Wellbeing Professional is an online portal of advice and resources for HR managers. Here I shared with them some ideas on how to help identify and nurture any employees who may be going through a career crossroads. Read the article.

Reflections is Derbyshire’s largest circulation lifestyle magazine. Here I was featured in an interview about my book You’re Here for a Reason and my personal journey towards finding my purpose. The piece was intended to inspire and bring a sense of hope for readers to discover their own purpose and reason for being. Read the article.

The Table Read is an online magazine that celebrates the arts, entertainment, and creativity. In this article, I share what inspired me to write my book, how I went about it and how I inspire my readers.  Read the article.

Talented Ladies Club is a female-led organisation on a mission to unlock the professional and personal potential of women through high quality content, online training and social community. Here I was asked to contribute with an article on ‘How to change careers and find deeper purpose – at any age’.  Read the article. is an online magazine with a mission ‘To cultivate a safe and supportive community and share tools, practices and experiences that empower everyone to live happy and fulfilled lives.’ Here I was invited to share 11 practical life and career coaching techniques.  Read the article.  

Brand You is an online and print magazine for female entrepreneurs. They invited me to contribute to their spirituality edition. Here I shared 10 of the most powerful reasons for connecting your spirituality with your career. Read the article.

Southside is a quality lifestyle publication aimed at the local AB audience of South Sheffield area.  In this interview I shared my ideas on harnessing the energy we feel at the beginning of the new year to make a positive change in your life.  Read the article (pages 44-47.)

Finding balance when working from home can be difficult and the pandemic crisis made this issue even more prominent. In the local weekly publication, The Derbyshire Times, I shared my tips on how to create balance when the lines between work and home are blurred.

Press and media enquiries

If you’re interested in interviewing me for your podcast or radio show or writing an article for your magazine, then please drop me an email. I would love to hear from you!

Press kit available upon request.


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