Coaching The Coach

Coaching The Coach is one-to-one support for coaches who want to launch or grow their coaching business in a way which feels aligned with their spiritual path.

Are you a coach ready to start or grow your coaching business but feeling some of the following:

Riddled with self-doubt and questioning your ability to be an effective coach?

Terrified to ‘put yourself out there’ and sell your coaching services? 

Worried there are too many other coaches out there to make a living out of it? 

Lost and overwhelmed at what you need to do to set your business up?

Questioning your motivation to become a coach?

Alone and unsupported on your journey?

Coaching The Coach Rebecca Kirk

Hello, I'm Rebecca

Career Coach for people on a spiritual path

I know from personal experience that completing your coaching qualification doesn’t always mean you feel ready to set up your coaching business.  It can feel as though something is still missing, both practically and mentally.  In many ways, the qualification is just the first step. 

Shortly after I qualified as a coach back in 2016, I had this realisation and quickly sought the support of an experienced coach who had already been there.  I honestly don’t believe I would be where I am today if it weren’t for her (thanks, Jo!)  

I believe that the world needs more people who can step up and lead others through the transformation they seek.  Whether that is through health, fitness, life, career, spirituality or relationship changes.  I also believe in the power of coaching as a force for change.  

Now I share my secrets and personal insights from my own journey towards building a prosperous and sustainable coaching business so that you can do the same. 

Coaching The Coach picks up where your course left off...

Coaching The Coach is about plugging any gaps which may be left after you finished your qualification.  Some of the key areas of focus include: 

Practical outcomes

Emotional outcomes

My Approach to Coaching The Coach

As with my approach to career coaching and life coaching, my approach to Coaching The Coach has a spiritual aspect.  What this means is that we:


Honour your path and your calling as a coach

Call in your Higher Self and your intuition for guidance as you launch your business

Recognise the power of your vibration to attract what you want

Tap into your true power – seeing you as a vessel for the Universe to work through you

Open you up to an abundance mindset

Establish a Daily Spiritual Practice to keep you connected and calm


Coaches I have supported

I have enabled coaches from a variety of different specialisms to set up and grow their business:

Coaching The Coach is best suited to people who are on a spiritual path.  To discover more, come on a free Coaching Taster Session with me.

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Ready to finally launch or grow your own coaching business?

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