A Spiritual Coaching Programme to discover true peace, purpose and connection.

Clarity & Action Kick-Start 2

A transformative 3 month One-to-One Coaching Programme for the Spiritually-Curious or Spiritually-Awakened who are seeking more peace, purpose and connection in their life. Discover new tools and practices to strengthen your inner world so you can better navigate your outer world and lift your spirit!


✓ Experience more calm, peace and contentment in your life

✓ Feel more spiritually connected and increase your spiritual wellbeing

✓ Heal any wounded parts of yourself and increase your self-love

✓ Develop a clearer sense of who you are

✓ Discover new practices to support your spiritual growth


Awakening (Session 1)

Assess your spiritual wellbeing, explore some guiding spiritual principles for growth and identify any areas of focus for your spiritual path.

Healing (Session 2)

Discover the link between your body, mind and spirit, unearth any hidden blocks to your wellbeing and begin new practices to help you let go and heal.

Purpose (Session 3)

Reveal both your inner and outer life purpose and set yourself on course to fully align your life so you can experience more peace, fulfilment and contentment.

Identity (Session 4)

Reconnect with who you truly are beyond your roles and your thinking mind and find ways to manage your Ego Self and call on your Higher Self.

Attracting (Session 5)

Harness the power of your energy and vibration to become an attracting force and begin practices to create abundance in your life.

Connecting (Session 6)

Create a powerful spiritual practice and ways to stay spiritually connected and grounded through nature, meditation, crystals, essential oils and more.


1-1 Coaching Sessions

You will receive 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions to support you, held either via webcam or phone typically every 2 weeks.

Self-Discovery Quiz

We kick things off with a questionnaire to assess your spiritual wellbeing and highlight any areas of opportunity for growth.

Coaching Worksheets

Each session will have an accompanying worksheet to guide your learning, structure your thoughts and capture your insights.

Email support

You can email me in between sessions if anything comes up or you just feel like sharing some thoughts or insights.

Coaching Portal

Your own portal for coaching resources, worksheets and your coaching schedule to help you maintain focus on your goals.

Welcome Gift

You'll receive a little thank you present from me to welcome you to coaching and to get you started on your journey.



Coaching sessions are 60 minutes and typically held every 2 weeks by telephone, webcam or in person (when/where available).  I offer evening and Saturday sessions to fit around your work schedule. In between sessions, there will be the opportunity to email me with any pressing concerns, insights or to share your successes.  

This programme is run over 3 months which is widely recognised by the Coaching profession as a minimum amount of time to create sustainable, impactful change. Change doesn’t always happen overnight, so you will have the time to reflect, do the work and start to see successes which will build momentum. 



Or spread the cost out with a Monthly Payment Plan of
3 payments x £295


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