10 Powerful reasons to connect spirituality with career


First published in the November 2021 issue of Brand You Magazine:

Earlier this year I arrived at a place of true contentment within my own working life. To get here I have had quite a journey to navigate, arriving at a crossroads every now and then and making three major career changes. Behind every decision has been a firm spiritual foundation. My spirituality has been a vital ingredient in enabling me to evolve my career and find true happiness and fulfilment. And, similarly, the challenges that my career have presented me with have enabled me to evolve spirituality. In this article, I share with you what I see as the 10 most powerful reasons for connecting your spirituality with your career.

A new way to discover peace, purpose and prosperity

In October, I relaunched my coaching business to focus in on supporting people within their career or business who are on a spiritual path. Whilst I acknowledge that not everyone is on a spiritual path, leaving spirituality out of the mix has made less and less sense to me in my coaching work. As a result of my own experiences, and the experiences of clients with whom I have already coached using a spiritual approach, I know without question that when we harness our spirituality within our career, we can create a working life with far greater peace, purpose and prosperity than is ever possible without it.

Here is what I believe to be the 10 most powerful reasons to connect your spirituality with your career. (Whilst I use the term Universe to represent that higher force, please apply whatever term works for you – which may be God, the Divine, Source or something else entirely!)

1. Creativity

When we open up to the flow of the Universe and see ourselves as a vessel, we can become a creative force.  We bring into the world that which the Universe wants us to birth.  We feel moved to begin a new project or set something up.  We get inspired to write, paint or find new solutions to old problems.  A lot of the creative entrepreneurs I have worked with have a clear sense of this connection and this flow.  

2. Courage

To really progress in your career or business, there comes a time when you need to take a leap of faith.  Whether you’re considering a career change, setting up a new business or rebranding your existing business, courage will be called up to enable you to move forward. Courage in a spiritual context means accepting that you don’t have a 100% guarantee that the choice you’re making is going to work, but trusting that the Universe will support you either way.  The phrase ‘leap and the net will appear’ to me captures this beautifully (and has seen me through a few of my own career changes).

3. Inner Peace

If you want to make your working life sustainable, it’s important to find ways to create balance and manage stress. When you have a regular spiritual practice, one which helps you connect with the inner peace which resides deep within, it provides a sanctuary from all the ‘noise’ and all the ‘doing’ which can so often bring us to our knees.  Starting the day with a simple 5 minute mindful meditation practice where you connect with the stillness inside and the support of the Universe can make a real difference. 

4. Performance

When we learn how to be truly present whilst doing our work, and move our ego out of the way, we make space for Universal Intelligence to work through us. We respond to whatever the moment calls for rather than a pre-meditated agenda.  We waste less energy self-seeking and focus on serving others. As a result, the quality and effectiveness of what we do is greatly enhanced.  Our customers and colleagues receive a better service and have a better experience of interacting with us.  

5. Purpose

When we recognise our true essence as light or love, we can recognise that we have a deeper purpose than just the work we do.  It doesn’t matter what your job is, I believe we all have a purpose here on earth as a spiritual being to share this love and this light. This can take pressure off of us from seeking fulfilment purely through our work.  We don’t need to wait until we’ve made a big career change or set up a business to be able to deliver our purpose. We can see every day as an opportunity.  

6. Guidance

When we’re running our own business or working from home with all the challenges that can sometimes bring, we can often feel like we’re going through it alone.  When you form a connection with the Universe or your spirit guides, you tap into a well of support and guidance.  This can come to you through your intuition, through signs or synchronicities – guiding you into or away from a certain course of action.  You feel supported and that there is a higher plan to your life.  And you are able to make decisions with greater conviction.

7. Abundance

Fear can stop us doing so much, especially when it comes to career or business.  We fear that there won’t be enough customers for our new business venture, or that we might never reach a certain salary again if we take a leap out of our current role. But when you tap into the Source of everything and change any scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset, you move past that fear.  It opens up possibilities and brings greater hope. Next time you are on a walk out in nature, notice how much abundance there is surrounding you.   

8. Relationships

The work environment can really trigger our ego and cause us much suffering.  However, when we consider that our ego is not who we truly are and learn to witness it from our Higher Self perspective, it can help us become more compassionate and create more harmonious relationships.  When we recognise the ego in others and that we have a choice in how we respond, we can refrain from getting sucked into the gossip, the politics and the competitiveness which can drain our energy and take us away from our true purpose.

9. True Self

At work, we can often wear a mask, fearing that if we reveal who we really are that we might not be accepted or as successful.  Connecting with your spiritual nature can bring you a deeper understanding of who you are underneath the surface and the roles you play.  It gives you license to connect with those parts of yourself you have been hiding from the world.  A safe harbour to come home to.  And it enables you to practice self-acceptance rather than seeking it externally.  When we align with our True Self at work, we can start to play big and make more of an impact in the world. 

10. Overcoming Challenges

Inevitably, challenges will be presented to us within the course of our career.  Having a strong spiritual connection gives you the opportunity to take a step back and see what is happening through a new lens.  It gives you a new way of looking at problems – that they might be for your highest good rather than a demonstration of the world working against you.  You see them as an opportunity to learn, to evolve, to heal.  A spiritual connection can give you the confidence to go with the flow instead of against it. This helps conserve energy and time that can often be wasted grasping for solutions or needing to be in control. 

Creating deep and lasting transformation in your working life

My aim here is not to try and convert anyone to a specific religion or indoctrinate a particular set of beliefs.  It is simply to raise awareness of the power that your spirituality holds to unlock the potential for true success within your career.  Business plans, career roadmaps and marketing strategies can be very useful but, in my experience, they will only take you so far.   

As part of my coaching business relaunch, I now offer 3 spiritually-focussed career coaching programmes designed specifically to enable people on a spiritual path to: find their purpose, energise their business and fulfil their potential.  Within these programmes I show you how to use your spirituality to create deep and lasting transformation within your working life.  

Whether you are spiritually-curious or fully awakened, learning to harness your spirituality within your career and aligning those two aspects of your life can truly be a game-changer.

Sending you love and light for your journey,

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