Honouring the cycles and filling up our inner well

Honouring the cycles

For me, 2023 was a big year of doing. I moved house (and county). I finally finished and published my first book. And I repeatedly challenged myself to come out of my comfort zone and appear on numerous podcast interviews and share my message with the world in a way I never had before.

Whilst I am hugely fulfilled by having manifested and experienced these things, it has left me needing to retreat and to re-invest in myself for a little while. Completing the Reflections & Intentions Workbook helped me create this clear focus and establish my own wellbeing as my priority this year. (There’s still time to download and complete the workbook if you haven’t already).

I am starting to notice this as a cycle in my working life – a period of intense productivity and expansion followed by the desire to pull back and go within.  It’s something which replicates the cycles of nature – such as the field which lays fallow for a year so that the soil can be replenished and more fertile the next year. I recognise how important it is in our working lives to create this space to replenish and to fill up our inner well. (Especially, when you’re naturally an introvert like me.)

And so, this year, I don’t want to manifest anything. At least not anything tangible. As I shared in my last article, my intention for 2024 is for it to be a big year of being. What this means within my business is that I will be doing a little less writing and sharing online for a short time.  (I will, however, be focused as normal on my one-to-one clients).

It has always been important to me that I write and share from a place of connection and truth. I don’t want to be sharing for the sake of sharing. I truly believe that the more we enter the state of being, the more our doing becomes empowered and fertile – just like the field after lying fallow.

When we are so immersed in doing, often the things we need to change or nurture in our lives is obscured from view. Writing my book and moving house (i.e. intense periods of doing) stopped me from seeing some of the inner work which needed to be done. I am now gifting myself that time and space. The veil has been lifted. It’s time.

In the meantime, here’s a few questions for you to reflect on:

  • What cycles or patterns have you perhaps noticed in your working life? 
  • How much more potent might your ‘doing’ be if you were able to spend a little more time ‘being’?
  • What small steps could you take in order to focus a little more on ‘being’ in 2024?
  • What might ‘filling up your own inner well’ look like for you?

And when my inner guidance system gives me the nudge, I will be writing and sharing again and I look forward to re-connecting with you then. 

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