8 Steps to Finding More Happiness At Work

8 Steps to Finding More Happiness At Work

For me, finding more happiness at work is about taking a holistic approach which integrates your body, mind and spirit. It's about harnessing all that you are and all that makes you tick so that you can create a deeply motivating and fulfilling working life which is sustainable. In this article, I share with you an 8 step process for finding more happiness at work, which I have personally tried and tested!

My personal experience of happiness at work

For the most part, my pre-Coach working life in the corporate commercial world was a very happy one. I learnt an enormous amount, I travelled, I earnt a decent salary and I had a sense of belonging to something much bigger than myself. But far and away, for me the thing which made me happiest of all was the people I shared my working life with, and the opportunity to nurture my little team and watch them grow.  This got me out of bed in the morning with a spring in my step. 

It’s almost 10 years to the day since I made the choice to check out of that world. Whilst those things which made me happy were still present, the balance had, over time, tipped over into an experience of unhappiness which drove me to searching for something more.  

This experience and the search for more happiness at work largely stemmed from three things:

  1. A lack of connection to my true purpose
  2. An unwillingness to involve myself in any form of politics (or attempt to climb the ladder)
  3. An underlying feeling of imposter syndrome (a lack of confidence in myself and wondering when I was going to get found out and handed my P45!)

Does this sound familiar? If it does then read on to discover my 8 steps to creating a happier working life. These are steps that I and many of my clients have taken and they work!


1. Awaken – Bring true awareness to how your work is affecting you, your life and those around you

2. Release – Let go of all the stuff that’s holding you back to create space for something new (any limiting beliefs, people or stuff which is no longer serving you)

3. Motivate – Uncover your deepest values and purpose so you can feel more deeply motivated and spur yourself into taking action

4. Believe – Take an inventory of your skills and strengths to build confidence in yourself (and maybe shed some light on what might be next for you in your career)

5. Imagine – get really clear on what you want in your ideal role and your ideal employer and then use the magic combination of clarity and visualisation to connect to that ideal future

6. Sustain – Set up your support system of self-care practices and supportive people to enable you to make your happier working life sustainable

7. Commit – Create some motivating short, medium and long term goals and a simple road map of next step actions to enable you to reach them

8. Attract – Harness your secret powers of intuition, positive mindset and vibration so that you can attract the new life you want to grow 

Ready to Create a Happier Working Life?

These steps are all addressed in my new online coaching programme – The Conscious Career Change. In the 12-week course I guide you through each of the steps to enable you to have your own epiphany and ultimately find happiness and fulfilment at work.

Wishing you a happier working life, 



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