8 things to do to help decide whether to begin coaching

8 strategies to help decide

So, you’ve had your Taster Session or Discovery Call with a Coach and now you’re left feeling unsure as to whether to get started working together. Maybe you're tying yourself up in knots, weighing up the pros and cons. In this short article, I want to share 8 strategies (which I have used myself when selecting a coach) to enable you to make the most aligned decision and start redirecting your energy towards taking positive action.

1. Trust your intuition

I believe we make the best decisions when we refer them to our inner knowing instead of getting caught up going around in circles in our head.  A few simple questions to ask yourself:

  • How did you feel during and immediately after your session?  
  • What cues did your body give you – was there a feeling of lightness, a warm sensation an affirmative gut reaction?
  • Was there a sense of connection, things just feeling right?  
  • Or did you have a feeling of unease or like you were going along with what they were saying because you felt like you ‘should’?  

Trusting your intuition can sometimes feel like a bit of a leap of faith, but it is also the basis for the most aligned decisions.  Use this situation to really go within and listen to your intuition or any messages or signs that this is the right (or wrong) thing for you to embark upon.

2. Recognise any fear for what it is

Starting the process of change can be scary as well as exciting.  This is a natural part of moving forward and when you recognise it as such and breathe through the fear, you can start to see the bigger picture.  It may also help to list out any specific fears you have around moving forward with coaching.  For each one just ask yourself “so then what would happen…” repeatedly until you can’t go any further.  See if/how it shifts the fear.  

3. Ask yourself what your worst-case scenario is

Is it, for example, taking a chance in moving forward with coaching and then realising you’ve made the wrong choice? Or is it perhaps staying exactly where you are?  Consider what would happen if you didn’t do anything about your situation…  What things would not happen?  And what things would happen? 

4. Call on the Universe as your source of abundance

It can feel scary investing in yourself and handing money over.  However, when you tap into the flow of abundance and see the Universe as your provider, you trust that the money will flow back to you in some way or another.  Again, this can provide a wonderful opportunity to test your faith in the Universe and make a powerful statement that your growth is important.      

A couple of years ago after I hired a coach to support me in moving my business forward, I received a very unexpected little windfall from a dear old Aunt who had passed away and left me a legacy in her will which covered the cost of the coaching programme.  The Universe has amazing ways of meeting your needs once you put your faith in it and open up to receiving!

5. Accept there may never be a ‘perfect’ time to begin the process

Sometimes, it can feel as though we shouldn’t be embarking on a transformation until other things are perfectly lined up to make way.  And in some situations, such as the need to deal with a significant health issue, a past trauma or being in the middle of a house move, it may be prudent to wait. But quite often waiting for the ‘perfect’ time can just be a delay tactic from the ego.  I’ve written more about the topic of timing in the article How To Know If Coaching Is For You

6. Remind yourself of your priorities

When faced with a decision such as whether to invest time and money into yourself, an automatic response can be to feel guilty and drop yourself back down the pecking order.  If so, I encourage you to stop and remember any goals or intentions you set this year to prioritise your wellbeing and put yourself first more.  And that in taking a step forward with coaching (or whatever you choose to invest any of your time or money into) there is usually a ripple effect which will be felt among your friends, family and colleagues from you doing so.  So this is anything but a selfish act!

7. Take a Higher Self perspective

When we bring in a more spiritual view of the situation we broaden our perspective and acknowledge that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ as such.  Either choice we make (as with anything in life) can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves and to learning the lessons we are here to learn.  Our ego wants to label things as being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but when we connect with our Higher Self instead, we know that we can’t really make the wrong choice. 

8. Meditate on it

Create a little space for some clarity to emerge through meditation.  Even just 5 minutes simply spent in stillness, letting go of thought and connecting within to your breath and to your senses can allow fresh clarity to emerge. This could be in the form of your intuition, a sign or a symbol you notice suggesting which way to go.  Stay aware of these signs and nudges after you meditate. You might also want to grab your journal to make a note of what emerges after meditation.  You may choose to ask for guidance more directly through the form of prayer, using oracle cards or dousing.  

I Hope that SOME OF these strategies prove helpful in making an aligned choice about whether to move forward with coachING. only you can know what's truly best for you. So trust IN yourself, make your decision AND you can then START REDIRECTING your ENERGY TOWARDS THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO CREATE!

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