Career Inspiration: How Rebecca Found Her Purpose

Changing career when you’re already established and successful in your current role can be incredibly daunting. Fear of failure, financial unpredictability, questioning whether the change will truly make you happy, these thoughts can all hold you back. Which is why I wanted to share some career inspiration through the story of Rebecca Slaven.

From Accountant to Dance Teacher

Rebecca bravely and boldly took the career change leap, moving from the corporate world of accountancy to fulfill her passion and become a movement and dance teacher with a difference. Through her work, Rebecca helps to inspire, motivate and transform, all through the power of dance. In this blog, Rebecca shares her story in her own words.  Explaining how we worked together so that she could completely transform her life, finding the purpose and peace she had always craved…

Rebecca's story: the catalyst for change

“Despite spending 23 years working in finance, climbing the corporate ladder from finance clerk to a finance director, and reaching the very top of my game, I was unhappy. While I couldn’t identify exactly what was missing, I knew that my career success wasn’t bringing me the feeling of fulfillment I had hoped for.

In 2013 my mum sadly passed away. Her loss left me grieving and questioning. However, it would take a further seven years, a divorce and two solo backpacking trips for me to realise just how lost, unfulfilled and living without purpose I was.”

An awakening

“When you’re lost it’s very difficult to know where to turn. I knew that I wanted to make changes in my life and my career but I didn’t know how. It’s not like when you are starting your career journey at school – there are no careers advisors to guide you and help you. But I knew I needed that level of support to help me work out where I was heading next, whether my current job could make me happy or if my true purpose was something totally different.

I found Rebecca Kirk through Happiful Magazine and she stood out from other career coaches for a number of reasons. She had the same name as me! But, more significantly, she too had experienced a huge career change, leaving the corporate world behind for a career that filled her with purpose. Rebecca’s website also touched upon spirituality – the idea that a career challenge can be the catalyst to awaken your true self really spoke to me.”

Finding her purpose

“Working with Rebecca was a completely transformative experience. I gained clarity on the person I was becoming and the one that I was leaving behind. Throughout the process, I felt that I was heading towards my authentic self.

Being able to write my own values for the first time ever was huge to me. As well as identifying the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and receiving guidance on how to face them and overcome them. I came away from our coaching sessions with a clear path towards my new career. I couldn’t have asked for more and, each day, I think about how I am truly grateful to Rebecca for her guidance and support.”

Living with purpose

“When the coaching sessions ended and it was up to me to start my career in dance (my true purpose and passion in life) I was nervous. However, I put my trust into the work Rebecca and I had done together and I went for it. Turns out trusting your instinct is a good thing!

I can’t pretend that the journey has always been straightforward. Financially I have had to make sacrifices. I am challenged almost every day as I navigate self-employment and explore my own creativity in my career. But, I have a sense of freedom that I’ve never felt before in my life! I am empowered to make my own decisions and take opportunities when they present themselves. I have a new level of self-confidence and self-esteem that cannot be shattered by anyone. I lost the fear that was holding me back and found my purpose.

I love what I do and even though I might not know exactly where I’m heading, I’m not scared, I’m excited! I trust that I have a purpose and I trust the spiritual connection to myself and the higher self. For the first time, I am living my authentic self and that feels so wonderfully freeing. I couldn’t look back.”

Words of wisdom

“It took me a long time to find happiness and fulfillment in my career. If you’re reading my story and can identify, recognising those feelings of dissatisfaction and disconnection with your own career, then my advice is don’t ignore those feelings! Secondly, find a coach who can guide you toward those unanswered questions. Thirdly, trust in the process even if it feels uncomfortable and put the work in. Finally, that small part of you that believes in yourself, let it grow and flourish. If my experience is anything to go by, then amazing things are round the corner.”

Rebecca, you are truly a career inspiration! AND If you too want to find the peace, purpose and prosperity that Rebecca has found, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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