Everyday I Write the Book (reflections on my writing journey)

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I never planned to have written a book right now. I have always felt like I had a book in me, but it was something for further down the line, after I had reached other milestones and fully prepared myself. But the call was too loud. I went to bed one Sunday night a year ago last March and said to my partner, “I have to start writing my book. Tomorrow.” And so, the next day, I did.

Riding the wave of creative energy

Immediately, there was this intense wave of creative energy which grabbed hold of me.  I was like a woman possessed. By the end of the day, I had created a front cover design, written out the whole chapter structure of the book and the introduction and discovered a fantastic piece of writing software (Reedsy) which would end up helping me stay organised right up until I handed my manuscript in. I was on my way.  

This energy stream was with me throughout my entire book writing journey.  It is something I had heard Eckhart Tolle talk about when he wrote The Power of Now, but had not experienced for myself – at least not with quite such intensity.  It is what carried me through the past 18 months and, in particular, those days when I couldn’t quite get into the writing flow of my own accord. This energy stream, I believe, is something which came about as a result of my connection to purpose.  And as a result of listening to the call and choosing to respond. It was the Universe giving me a helping hand.

Feeling so connected to my purpose has allowed me to tap into a deeper source of courage and conviction. There was never any doubt in my mind that I was going to finish this book. Or any concern that I would let fear hold me back. It just wasn’t even a thought. This is the first time I have witnessed the knock-on effect of connection to purpose on such a scale.  I have been putting myself out there in a way which I never have before and probably wouldn’t have done a couple of years ago. What once seemed too far of a trek outside my comfort zone, such as radio and podcast interviews and promotional videos on social media, now just feel part of that purpose and an opportunity to remind myself it’s not about ME. 

Everyday I Write the Book

In many ways, this book has written itself. Yes, I had to show up – week in, week out, at my desk and discipline myself to get the words onto the page. But the subject matter and the material to go into it was already in existence. When people ask me how long it has taken me to write my book, I say eighteen months. However, in truth, the real answer is – my whole life. 

The Elvis Costello song “Everyday I Write the Book” perfectly encapsulates this for me and has been a constant musical companion on my journey. Because this really is the culmination of all of my own career changes, my spiritual awakenings and my experiences as a coach – and that has taken some thirty plus years to accumulate. It has meant that writing this book has been quite cathartic, although this is most definitely not an auto-biography!

I want to acknowledge that it has been a journey to get to the point of feeling comfortable sharing my words in such a way. I cut my teeth on writing blog articles which initially only got read by people who happened to seek them out once they were already on my website.  And then I became more comfortable in actively sharing them through social media and my mailing list. This definitely gave me the confidence to build up to writing a book. I don’t think I could have by-passed the earlier stages.

Photography by Cassandra Lane

What writing this book has changed for me

Writing this book has brought me so much. Not least of which is the deep joy and satisfaction which comes from finally getting to scratch a long-standing itch.  And of feeling like I have taken a huge leap forward in realising my own true potential.  

I also realised through this journey just how much I enjoy writing, and possibly always have, but never truly owned it. I don’t see myself as a brilliant writer as such, not like some people I know (maybe that’s just my Ego Self getting drawn into comparison mode), but I do love communicating with words, especially when those words have the power to uplift or soothe or help someone transform.  I also feel like I have been gifted the personal strengths of determination and drive to go with the desire to write – both of which I believe are so necessary in order to get your work out there.

It is said that if you want to understand something then write about it. Writing this book has certainly enabled me to understand my work on a deeper level, which I can already see spilling over into my one-to-one client sessions and materials. When you don’t have someone sat in front of you to explain things to, you have to really think through how you present your ideas and concepts. (Tell will tell but I’m hoping I’ve hit the mark on that one!)  

Writing this book has also given me a currency with which to take out into the world and to reach people and places which I could not have reached with my one-to-one work alone. My brother is already exploring some opportunities for me to go on radio shows over in Sydney.  Without my book, this wouldn’t even have been a discussion. It seems to been a currency which is universally accepted. 

One of the major reasons why I wanted to write a book was to make what I do more accessible. Accessibility has been an important value of mine right from when I first set out my initial coaching business plan. I appreciate that not everyone is in a position to invest in one-to-one coaching. Of course, the accountability and individual support and encouragement which comes from working with a coach cannot be gained from a book. But, a book can offer people an insight into some of the tools and methods which I truly hope will also make transformation possible for them. 

Spiritual Coach Rebecca Kirk

Photography by Cassandra Lane

Releasing my intention for this book

At the very start of this year, I spent two wonderful weeks in India. It was the perfect location for me to set and release my intentions for the year – one of which was to launch my book (the other was to move into a lovely new home – which came true in the most serendipitous of ways.)  This intention is now about to manifest. And so I now plan to set a new one during my upcoming Kundalini Yoga retreat on the beautiful Scottish Isle of Mull. 

I have chosen the Autumn Equinox as the launch date because of the powerful shift in energy on that date. And also as I will be in a place where I am deeply immersed in nature and it feels like it might provide an ideal backdrop to symbolically release my book out into the world. In many ways I feel like I am about to ‘birth’ this creation.  I know that once it is out there, in a sense it is no longer mine. People will have their own experience with it and that is nothing to do with me. And so, my challenge then will be to step back and get comfortable with whatever their reaction and feedback is. 

Anyway, my intention will probably be something along the lines of trusting that it will go where it needs to go, reach the people it needs to reach and impact lives in the way it’s meant to. At that point, I plan to let go of the outcome.

Only when I neared the end of writing my book did I truly realise how the powers of manifestation had been at work once again. A couple of years ago I had created an affirmation around reaching more people with my work.  I think that one of the tricks with manifestation is to look back on what you had asked for as it’s easy to forget the part that you (and the Universe) have played in consciously bringing this thing into being. And so it is with my book. I asked to be shown the way to reach more people with my work and the Universe responded.  It never ceases to amaze me. 

A final word of gratitude

I also want to take a moment to honour my partner, my Dad and my brother for their faith in me.  And for doing what they have always been doing this past 18 months – and for which I know I have been truly blessed. They have encouraged me at every turn and helped me hold my vision and my mission in place. They have accepted my need to get my head down and stay focused. I am so very grateful to them.

And to all of my friends, old colleagues and other family members who have shown their support with their lovely messages and by pre-ordering the book. 

I would like the final word to go to my faithful writing companion, Madge. She has been with me (under the writing desk) for this entire journey and has patiently waited for her walkies whilst her Mum finished a chapter or got off the phone to the publisher. Her beautiful energy and ability to be so firmly in the moment have been a welcome break from the intensity of writing. 


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I wish you well wherever you are on your journey towards purpose,

The book ‘You’re Here for a Reason’ is available to pre-order now and is officially launching on 23rd September 2023.  Find out more about the book or order your copy below.
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