Manifestation: The Spiritual Coaching Foundations #1


Manifestation is a core concept which we will focus on first in this series which lifts the lid on 8 Spiritual Coaching Foundations. In this article, I will share with you how manifestation can help you on your own career journey. Plus an approach to manifestation which has created profound changes for my clients. I will also suggest a few simple steps which will help you begin your own manifestation process so you can welcome in the changes you wish to see in your working life.

Manifestation: What is it?

Manifestation is the ability to consciously turn something you want into a reality through your thoughts and your state of being.

Manifestation: Why is it important on your career journey?

I believe it is important to understand the principles of manifestation on your career journey because when you do: 

  • it empowers you to create change (bringing a new sense of hope)
  • It highlights your current state of being (providing a powerful wake up call)
  • it raises awareness of any negative thought patterns (triggering you to create positive new ones)
  • it motivates you to emit a vibration which will attract what you want to you
  • it emphasises the importance of clarity (a magic ingredient of change) 

Manifestation: What do you actually want?

What is it that you would love to manifest in your career?

  • Would you love a career with more purpose?
  • Are you looking to get to a certain level within your organisation?
  • Do you have a dream of setting up your own business?
  • Are you craving a more balanced and peaceful working life?
  • Would you like to earn a higher salary or have more clients?

Whilst you may be clear on which of those you are looking to manifest, perhaps you are unclear as to the detail beyond that. Particularly if you are looking for clarity on your purpose.  With the approach I will be sharing with you in this series, it doesn’t matter at this stage. Some of the other spiritual coaching foundations I will reveal to you will help you shed some light on the specifics of what you want.  

For now, you might just actually want to manifest more clarity!

Manifestation - tree with roots

Manifestation: A grounded approach

Much of the guidance on manifestation is focused on our thoughts and on using our imagination to visualise what we want (and feeling the feelings now). Those things are incredibly important, and I will suggest some such ideas below and in a separate post.

However, I also want to introduce you to an analogy which I use with my clients to demonstrate what I see as the deeper essence of manifestation – that of a tree. This approach to manifestation focuses on 3 core states: Being, Doing and Having and links them to the different parts of a tree, as follows:


Having – this is like the fruits or leaves of the tree and represents the tangible/material things we want to manifest (e.g. money, clients, followers, a house).

Doing – this is like the trunk of the tree which represents the work we do or the actions we take to achieve the having

Being – this is the like the roots of the tree which represent feeling calm and grounded and connected to who we are at our deepest level. 

The recommended start point to the manifestation process is the Being state… 

It is tending to our roots.  It is getting the firm foundations in place. It is doing the healing work. It is having a clear out of old ways of thinking. It is making space for the new to enter. It is getting clear on who we are and what is deeply motivating to us. It is building our inner confidence.  It is clearing up our energy and putting out a higher, more positive vibration.

Just as a tree trunk grows strong from firm roots, our Doing will thus be much more empowered, more potent, more aligned with our purpose.  And from that place of empowerment, potency and alignment, our prosperity (the Having) will flow more easily and we will connect with greater abundance.

It is easy (and very seductive) to focus on the Having state first – “I’d like a job where I can earn £100k” or “I want to be a Managing Director” or perhaps, “I want to become a famous writer with thousands of followers”.  

It is also easy to start at the Doing state by being totally focused on the action it takes to bring what you want into being.  Such as diving in and looking for a job with more purpose.  Working yourself into the ground so that you can attract more clients. Or being focused on what you want to do for a living (as the thing you are looking to manifest).

If you focus on the Doing without first focusing on the Being, your foundation is less firm. What can sometimes happen is that you make decisions which aren’t fully in alignment with who you truly are. Or you do it from a grasping, heightened emotional place which is less conducive to attracting what you want.  

This is why I always recommend starting with the Being state. This may seem counter-intuitive. You may feel that once you find a job with more purpose, you will feel better, more yourself, more at peace.

However, when we grasp for what we want, we put out a low vibration energy which will only serve to keep us stuck and attract things on a similarly low vibration. When we attach ourselves to the outcome, we get out of the flow and don’t allow our goodness to come to us.

So I encourage you to take the time to get grounded. To clean up your energy. To connect with your true being. And to put out a signal that fully aligns you to the thing you want to manifest.  And that will make you an unstoppable manifesting force!

Manifestation: Some simple steps to begin

To get started with this manifestation process, there are some simple steps you can take:

1. Clarify your intention – state as clearly as you can at this stage what you want to manifest.  Consider also that you might want to manifest something intangible such as ‘inner peace’ or ‘balance’. In either case, connect with the feeling of having your intention right now, as if it has already happened. 

2. Become aware of your thoughts – pay close attention to how much of your time is taken up thinking about your current reality and what you don’t want versus what you do want.  What thoughts have you been having about what you want to manifest?  Recognise that you have a choice. You can always choose a higher and more positive thought. Thoughts hold a vibration, so this is a quick way to raise your energy to align with what you want.

3. Become aware of your energy – how does your energy currently feel in relation to what you want to manifest? Is it calm, light and spacious or does it feel heavy, tangled up or desperate? Again, pay attention to it and consciously choose to let go and release any held tension in your body or your head.

4. Begin a calming practice – if you don’t have one already, introduce a regular practice which gives you a little container of time and space where you let go of thinking and connect with your being. For example, a short 2 or 3 minute morning or evening practice of meditation where you simply focus on your breathing. Or a mindful walk in nature. (Consider that what you want to manifest is not going to come to you by overthinking it!)


I do hope you have found this look into manifestation useful. We will take a look at some of the other tools of manifestation (such as visualisation) later on in this series once you we have worked through the other spiritual coaching foundations.

in the meantime, here's to you activating your Manifestation power...

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