Wherever you go there you are

Wherever you go there you are

'Wherever you go there you are' is a phrase which I had a very interesting experience of during my recent trip to the magical island of Ibiza. In this article, I share this experience and how it enabled me to confront an old mental pattern of mine. One which also happens to hold many people back from making a much-needed career change...

Experiencing stillness

My recent break to Ibiza was an escape in the truest sense of the word. In the unspoilt north of the island, down a long and winding dirt track lay an oasis of peace and tranquility, the likes of which I have never experienced on holiday before. The eco-farmstay (‘finca’) which was my home for 5 days put nature centre stage of everything it did. All the usual outer distractions and things vying for your attention in a typical hotel had been removed. There were no TVs, no signs, no noises other than the birds chirping and the donkeys braying. It was the simplest of spaces. This hotel trades in, what I now see as, one of the most precious of commodities for the times we are living in. Stillness.

Having read a lot of Eckhart Tolle’s work over the years, I have come to understand the true meaning and value of stillness. And to recognise it as a portal into the deeper consciousness both within me and surrounding me. I know how transformative these moments of stillness can be and what an impact they have on me and my work long after I’ve returned home.

Wherever you go there you are: an old mental pattern exposed

What I wasn’t quite so prepared for (or rather, I had perhaps conveniently forgotten about) was the ways in which stillness can also lift the veil on our ego self by exposing any negative thought patterns or habits which now have no place to hide.

For me, the stillness on this trip exposed an old pattern of perfectionism (something I consider myself to have long since been recovering from). I realised that I had gone to this place with an unconscious expectation of perfect peace and quiet. So, when I heard the sound of farm machinery in the distance and a baby crying in a nearby room, it was enough to disrupt my peaceful state. Here I was in this tranquil haven, far away from it all, immersed in the high, loving vibration of nature. And yet I still couldn’t fully manage to escape my own mind.

Thankfully, I am at least able to recognise (and have a willingness to confront) many of my unhelpful patterns and to see this as an opportunity for healing.

Ibiza - Stillness Landscape

Perfectionism: how it shows up on a career change journey

Perfectionism is a topic which often comes up within a client session under a few different guises:

  • There is perfectionism around everything having to be neatly lined up and in order before making a career change (be that a living situation, a financial situation or a current job). 
  • And there is perfectionism around the next role – that it has to be in perfect alignment and 100% right before making a change. 
  • There is also an aspect of perfectionism which can emerge around wanting to feel totally ready, qualified and capable of making a change (spoiler alert – most people never feel 100%).

Perfectionism: how to manage it

For clients, perfectionism is often paralysing to the point of which they will stay stuck in a situation which has become noticeably detrimental to their mental and physical wellbeing. Recognising the impact of perfectionism (or whatever your mental habit is) can provide the magic of motivation to then release it.

One of the other ways of managing perfectionism (which I found most helpful on holiday) is the practice of acceptance. To consciously accept that things may not be perfect. To welcome in what is and some of the discomfort it may bring. To acknowledge life in all of its messy glory. This can create a subtle energy shift which puts you in a higher vibration state and therefore more attractive to the positive circumstances you are looking for.

Whatever your repeating mental pattern is, some time in stillness can help lift the veil and bring forth the message more loudly and clearly as to what you need to heal so that you can move forward. Stillness can be found through meditation, through a mindful walk in nature or just by getting quiet and connecting with your breath at your desk. Even just a few minutes is enough to experience it, if you can give yourself permission to properly tune in and go beyond your thinking mind.

So, wherever you go there you are...

And so back to the title of this article ‘Wherever you go, there you are’. Your mental state and thought patterns supersede your outer surroundings. By that I mean that you can be in the most idyllic place in the world but still feel frustrated, angry or sad. 

But, by the same token, you don’t need to be in the middle of a forest to experience stillness. Yes, it can certainly help, but rather, stillness is a state of mind which can follow you everywhere – from the middle of traffic jam to the middle of an intense work meeting. And that is truly empowering and life-changing, wherever you are on your career awakening journey. 

I did manage to enjoy several days of true stillness once I’d shaken off the need for ‘perfect peace and quiet’ and laughed at myself for the irony of it all. I accept an aspect of my nature which likes the black and white but I’m now starting to warm to a little more grey.

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