Healing: The Spiritual Coaching Foundations #5


I believe that our difficulties and our repeating patterns often come to show us what needs to be worked on. When we are open to it, our career (and life) challenges can become a powerful catalyst for our healing. In this article, I share with you how and why our wounds and conditioning can show up in our working lives and also some ways in which you can begin your own healing journey.

When healing reveals itself through coaching

Clients rarely come to me with the express intention to heal.  But quite often, a healing of some description takes place, or the need for healing is highlighted as a consequence of working together. Making a career change or making changes in your current career to bring in more peace, purpose and prosperity can be triggering. It can make you question yourself at the deepest level – what you deserve, your belief systems and even the way you were raised. 

I don’t coach without working on this aspect. It is what I see as one of the core fundamentals to making a transformation.  It would be like sticking a plaster on without getting to the root cause.  And that’s what we’re going to do here (look at the root cause).

How the need for healing can show up on your career journey

1. Repeating the same patterns in your career – for example, going into the same types of jobs which you know deep down are not right for you.  I was stuck in a pattern of going into the same type of corporate environment until I finally got the lesson.  
2. Feeling stuck in your current job and unable to move forward – knowing that you need a change (and in some cases being clear on what that is) but feeling like your legs just won’t move and you can’t bring yourself to make the necessary change (i.e. risk aversion)
3. Feeling anxious and worried  for example that you aren’t doing a good enough job, constantly comparing yourself to colleagues, worrying that you are going to get found out (Imposter Syndrome), constantly overthinking everything. 
4. Not putting yourself forward for a promotion  holding yourself back from going for a position you know deep down you can do but feel you aren’t ‘good enough’ for.
5. Not expressing yourself fully through your work  holding yourself back from being yourself and contributing in an authentic way (e.g. in meetings, in the work you create). Dimming your light in order to fit in.
6. Not earning what you are worth  if you work for an employer, this might be holding yourself back from asking for more money, or if you work for yourself, it might be not charging enough for your services or keeping yourself ‘playing small’. 

What's at the root of it all?

In my experience as a Career Coach, this usually stems from three key (inter-related) reasons: 
Not believing in yourself – that you can ever have the talent, the courage and the confidence to do what you really want to be doing. 
Not feeling worthy – this is a big one and a deep one.  Why should I have a happy, fulfilled and prosperous working life?  I’m not good enough. 
Not feeling safe – worrying what might happen if you were to make a career change, start expressing yourself more authentically or get that promotion.  

What your career journey can trigger (which needs to heal)

The things which your career journey can unearth which need to heal often appear to be unrelated but are sat deep within and, whilst ever they are not dealt with, will cause an inertia which can stop you from realising your true potential in your career. Here are 5 (again inter-related) areas of healing which can be triggered:
Limiting beliefs – often stemming from family conditioning, such as beliefs about money, about not being ‘big headed’ about owning your skills and strengths or that you must be in a stable regular wage paying job rather than doing some creative.  
Trauma – past events such as those linked to loss, childhood or a difficult relationship break up can have a significant impact, which unless dealt with and released, can still be held both emotionally and energetically and block any forward movement.  
Shame – this links in directly with the feeling of not being worthy.  As a result of something you did in the past, you hold onto feelings of self-loathing or disappointment.  Shame is the emotion at the very bottom of the vibration scale and therefore very powerful in attracting exactly what you don’t want.
Old wounds – this could be something which happened a long time ago at work, in school or in a relationship which gets reopened through your career challenge.  A nerve gets touched and we have what feels like a disproportionate reaction to something happening in the here and now.  
Energy blocks – at an energetic level, there may be a blockage in one or more of your chakras (energy centres). This can be a little more subtle to detect than some of the others mentioned, but nonetheless still as powerful at keeping you stuck.  For instance, a blockage in the root chakra can be linked with an exaggerated need for safety. Or an imbalance in the solar plexus chakra can mean you feel less courageous to take a step forward. 

8 Ways to Start Your Healing Journey

If any of the above resonates with you, I would like to suggest a number of ways in which you can begin or further your healing journey.  I recommend trying different approaches but trusting in what feels right for you.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ on the healing path and only you know the depth of what you feel and therefore what is most appropriate for you.  

Some of these healing methods I bring into my coaching programmes.  For deeper-rooted, long-standing issues, I recommend these are also handled by other trained professionals such as Therapists, Counsellors or Healers.

1. Releasing Limiting Beliefs

This is a key part of many of my coaching programmes and one which can create often an immediate shift.  The process I take clients through enables them to identify, articulate and reframe any limiting beliefs and thought patterns which are keeping them stuck from moving forward with their career. 

You can start this yourself by simply listing out any beliefs you have in relation to taking the next step in your career.  Some of the common ones I hear are “I believe I’ll be throwing away the last 15 years if I make a change” and “I believe it’s not safe for me to leave my current role”.

2. Affirmations

 Linking in with releasing limiting beliefs is creating a new positive belief or an affirmation which you repeat regularly and which integrates into your sub-conscious over time.  For example, “I trust in myself and my ability to handle a career change”. 

3. Journaling

This simple practice has some real therapeutic benefits.  Getting your thoughts and feelings out of your head (where they can do the most damage) and onto paper gives them a voice.  For example, if you suffered a trauma when you were younger, it can make your Inner Child feel heard and listened to.  Have a go at writing down what you’re feeling – any beliefs or blocks, without judgement or expectation and see what you notice after. 

4. Connecting with your True Self

 Our True Self (or Higher Self) is the real essence of who we are beneath the layers of outer roles and identities we have in the world. When we fully connect with this part of us, we start to recognise ourselves as divine beings who are already worthy and whole.  Through spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer, you can create the space to connect with your True Self and experience that wholeness and see yourself as already healed.

5. Acceptance and Forgiveness

 These active states / practices can be directed towards others who might be associated with our trauma, conditioning or wounds.  And they can always be directed towards ourselves (particularly to counteract any feelings of shame).  You can also practice acceptance of something which happened to you – so that you move out of the place of feeling like a victim and feel more empowered to move forward. 

6. Energy Work

There are many wonderful energy treatments or practices you can do to help yourself heal from an energy block and restore balance. My favourites include: Reiki, Energy Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Acupuncture, Crystal Therapy and Essential Oil Therapy.

7. Cord Cutting Meditation

 This is a good one if you have some resentments or attachments to certain people which are perhaps draining your energy and you would like to let go of.  It works on the idea that we have energetic cords running between us and that by cutting those cords through meditation, we disconnect and can then restore our own energy. Here is an article on the practice by Gabby Bernstein if you want to explore it further https://gabbybernstein.com/cut-the-cord/

8. Nature

Nothing beats the power of nature for a natural way to heal – feeling ‘held’ by a higher force, noticing the cycles and seasons present and the resilience of the flora and the fauna. Watching things start to burst forth in the spring is a reminder that things are renewing themselves under the surface (in the winter) even when we can’t see it.  Get out for a mindful nature walk and really connect with what you see, hear and feel, knowing that you too can be restored and healed.

How coaching and healing can work together

For some people considering coaching, it is necessary that they do the healing work first (and this is something I discuss in a Coaching Taster Session). For others, the healing can be done through the coaching process (in the less severe cases). 

Occasionally I work with a client who, during a programme of coaching, has the realisation that they need to do some significant healing before they can continue. We take a natural pause and reconvene when they feel ready to start making changes from a new place of wholeness and worthiness. 

I hope this has helped to see your career situation in a new light and to recognise the power your challenges have to transform. If you are on a healing journey of some kind, I encourage you to give it time and space. And to be kind and patient with yourself along the way.

Here's to your healing...

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